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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Bear hunt opponents bring the campaign here

The Citizen, Prince George, BC        

by Gordon Hoekstra


The WCWC is sending a swat team to Prince George in a last ditch effort… Expected to arrive this Friday for a three-day stay, the team is to roll into town with a caravan of two or three vehicles – at least one of them highly decorated with banners – and set up shop, said bear protection campaign manager Anthony Marr from Vancouver… This summer, prior to the launch of the 90-day petition campaign, Marr received a less than warm reception from hunters at an information session here.


Marr said he expects it will get even hotter this time.  “We’re in the home stretch, and we’re fighting.”…


The WCWC would be better off directing its attention to curtailing the Asian market that deal in bear parts, says groups like the BC Wildlife Federation…

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