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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Profile: Conservationist Anthony Marr bares his stripes

West Kootenay Weekender, Nelson, BC        

by Darren Davidson


Being beaten for what you believe in is nothing exceptionally shocking for animal conservationist Anthony Marr…


“I don’t see being beaten up as being a personal sacrifice. It’s a professional risk. It just comes with the job.”…


… In 1996, Marr and WCWC launched one of the most high profile animal conservation crusades Canada has ever seen…


DD: “Your story is certainly one of personal conviction.”


AM: “Well, I have a lot of respect for children. When young children, in elementary school, tell me they think killing animals for fun is wrong, I feel an obligation to champion their cause, because they cannot yet speak for themselves. That is a very powerful motivation for me… I also have my own personal feelings, of course… and I do love these animals that they kill.”

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