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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Bear activist hits the road again

Campbell River Mirror               

by Sharon Bennett


… The attack only stoked Marr’s fiery passion to save the grizzly, and for the month of July he’s touring the province to warn the public of the grizzly’s imminent demise.


… He recounts the story of a South Korean man who was caught in possession of 88 bear gall bladders and four times as many paws - a street value of about $500,000 US… He was fined CDN$3,500, roughly the same worth as one gall bladder.


Marr says he questioned the judge about why the fine was so low, and admitted the judge’s argument makes sense… The trophy hunt is driven by European cultural tradition, the judge said, and the medicinal hunt is driven by Asian cultural tradition. Therefore, Marr says, the judge decided it would be wrong to punish one culture’s tradition while the other culture’s tradition is still legal…

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