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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
An unbearable prospect - a Canadian icon faces new and growing threats

The Japan Times        

by Françoise Giovannangeli


… “Most countries have banned trophy hunting of grizzlies - all except Canada, Russia and the US state of Alaska,” said Anthony Marr. “That is why so many foreign hunters are coming to Canada - because they can’t do it in their own countries where the brown bear has become endangered or been wiped out. It’s the Canadian grizzly that is soaking up and absorbing the pressure of trophy hunting lust from around the world as well as the profit lust of poachers,” he said….


If the pace keeps up, Marr says, the future does not bode well for North American bears. “Asiatic bears were not endangered a couple of decades ago. Today, they have been hunted to the verge of extinction by the demands of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. The Chinese economy is improving fast, and pretty soon, there will be a huge middle class. I believe that at that point, there will be a huge jump in demand for bear galls far in excess of the current already high level. It may have already started. And the target will be the North American bears this time around.”…

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