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Anti Trophy Hunting
BC won’t end annual grizzly hunt; minister says no harm done to bear population

The Globe and Mail, national             

by Celia Sankar


The BC government is not about to stop the province’s annual grizzly-bear hunt, despite criticism from environmentalists and dissent from one of its own biologists…


A senior habitat biologist with the BC Ministry of Environment said hunting as administered by the province “has the potential to drive grizzly bear populations dangerously close to extinct. There is no ecological, biological or social justification for continuing to hunt grizzly bears,” Dionys de Leeuw wrote in a private paper widely distributed to wildlife officials within the ministry April.


Mr. De Leeuw argued that the system for issuing licenses for bear hunting “is based on unconfirmed population estimates for grizzly bears” that “substantially overestimate bear abundance.”


Mr. De Leeuw’s paper, copies of which were (confiscated) by ministry officials, was leaked yesterday by the WCWC.


“The Canadian authorities list the grizzly as a vulnerable species and we should not allow it to cross the line and become endangered. We think it is quite close right now,” Anthony Marr said.


Mr. De Leeuw described as “an injustice in the extreme” the situation where the interest of “an infinitesimally small” number of trophy hunters continue to be protected by the government while those who oppose the activity are ignored…

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