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Posted by W (all misspellings are sic):
In Reply to: Re: Hunters United posted by Canuck

Well said Canuck.

In addition If someone says I am in total support of bowhunting. Yes I am behind them 100%, all the way, right on in GOS , what would you think??? It would be rightfully concidered what it is, a direct attack on a hunters chosen method of harvest and on an existing opportunity. These confrontational divisive attacks against a minority group must stop or they will be to the detriment of all bowhunters specifically, and hunters in general. Anyone who thinks a crossbow is a firearm should concider the missing primer, gunpowder, casing, bullit and rifle barrel, which is the essense of a firearm.

The same rationale that is successfully used to defend special season for traditional bow can be used for compound and crossbow at differant degrees.

Removing the crossbow from bow season only is minimaly supported and fading quickly with only the stauchist elitists maintaining a non-compromising position.

Lets stop picking apart the differances and work on the common ground. Support for all hunters and methods of harvest in general and the need for basic simple ethical education, application and opportunities to maintain hunter interest and recruitment. I felt I must be direct with the issue before any more distraction to hunter unity occurs. We all have our opinions but if negative, could concider keeping them within ourselves.

The ball is in your court and Anthony Marr is on the road again.


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