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Anti Trophy Hunting
Anti Trophy Hunting
Reply to a Native American hunter

Jerimmy Hugh Bendle wrote:
"Hunting is a sport and a passion that i love as a Native American it has
taught me the values of fair play and eat what you kill. On the other
hand I hate poacher's and white men who kill for the head and nothing
else. Hunting must be done with honor not with pride."

Dear Jerimmy,

I can see the distinction, and the relative demerits, and I agree with your evaluation on the poachers and the Great White Hunter.

However, I am against killing animals, period. I believe that the animals do not wish to be killed, no matter how fair the play, nor whether they are killed with honor or with pride, and certainly not how many of their body parts will be used after their death. All they want is to live.

So, I ask everyone, Native or White Man, to show a little generosity, make a little personal sacrifice, and let the animals enjoy their lives free of human harassment. I ask everyone to show a little compassion - the animals are having a tough enough time with Mother Nature and the chain saw as it is. To kill them for sport is really not a very noble thing to do.


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