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Folks, allow me to introduce Phil, aka Seawolf. Phil is a longstanding member (in good standing) with the "Stop Whale Kill" organization. SWK has such notable members as Paul Watson, Frank Trinkle, Andrew Christy, Dan Spomer, Jake Conroy, Josh Harper, Anthony Marr and Jim Robertson (among others). And yet, the SS, ODI, WCCA will deny racist associations and actions. For more information concerning the racist organization SWK please see the CERTAIN website http://www.users.uswest.net/~certainorg/mikeelm.html in which the SWK is more fully disclosed.

Phil, I am shocked that your intent in life to add trash and garbage to guestbooks in order to create such a vile atmosphere that the guestbook host would feel the need to shut the guestbook down due to your vulgarity and total disregard to children's eyes. Dan Spomer already has a guest book like that--but of course you know that already.

You have stated to me repeatedly over the last year that you take your orders from the "higher ups" in SWK and SS and I can only assume that your trash and offensive abuses of the internet are ones which are done with the consent of the SS and SWK.

You are no one's victim Phil but a victim of your own hatred towards people who are different than you or who believe differently than you do. Your hatred has nothing to do with whales. Your associates with SWK and SS have nothing to do with environmental issues or the real issues which threaten the oceans. You are a hate mongering group of people who are being exposed for what you are and that exposure will not end until your hatemongering filth stops.

You have shown by your response that you have no remorse for what you have posted, and in fact, have done so deliberately to achieve a specific result of causing such offensive and abusive posts to cause a guest book from Norway to be closed to prevent your vulgarity, obsence posts, racist entries, and advocation of violence.

If there is one thing I do respect you for it is that you have been forthcoming in taking your directions from your "higher ups" on SWK and the Sea Shepherd.

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