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Gorton's/Nissui is down; Wal-Mart/Seiyu is next!

From: Anthony Marr
Date: Mon Apr 3, 2006 8:01 pm
Subject: Gorton's/Nissui is down; Wal-Mart/Seiyu is next!

Dear activists and friends in AR:
Given the date of the email from Captain Paul Watson (see below), and the thunder-and-lightning feel of its content, I almost thought that he was pulling an April fool's joke on us. But knowing that the subject matter is nothing to joke about, I just sat there in amazement and disbelief. But of course I believed it, and saw almost at once that HOPE's planned Anti-Wal-Mart (Anti-Whale-Mart) campaign (see below) is the next logical step in our incessant drive towards terminating whaling worldwide.
In short, under international pressure, Nissui, one of the major owners of the Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet, has quit the whaling business, and other owners of the fleet appear to be follwing suit. This does not mean the end of Japanese whaling, but when the whaling fleet returns to Japan from their Antarctic plunder this month (almost 900 Minke whales, plus a number of Fin and Humpback whales), it'll be limping.
With Nissui having dropped out, Seiyu (see below) is next. Will this start a domino effect from which, for the Japanese whaling industry, there is no return?
IT IS UP TO US! Let's get together and perform a resounding anti-whaling miracle from coast to coast, that will generate a tsunami against the whaling industry of Japan!
Anthony Marr

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