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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

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Janice Blue [email protected] 
Mon Jun 13 07:33:48 PDT 2005

In Solidarity With Animals

on Today's Show ...

Anthony Marr

wildlife preservationist
traveling the country to help end the Canadian seal massacre
& raise awareness about Japan's dolphin & whale slaughter

"Even though the majority of our Canadian citizens desire an end to
the bloody, despicable seal massacre, our government has refused to stop it. Weıre turning to the American public and merchants to step in with their power as consumers. Americans can save millions of defenseless seal pups from this cruel fate by refusing to support the powerful fishing industry that has our government in its pocket."
--- Anthony Marr, Canadian wildlife preservationist

"As responsible consumers and compassionate world citizens, we can prevent the inhumane death of hundreds of thousands of seals and dolphins in two massive hunts currently in progress. Together we can end the suffering, and create a responsible partnership with animals."
--- Kathy Landry, Marine Mammal Campaign
Coordinator, In Solidarity With Animals

Renowned Canadian wildlife preservationist Anthony Marr, traveling thecountry to help raise awareness and end the seal massacre in Canada,brought his one man campaign to Texas this week. He led a funeralmotorcade procession on Thursday with members of Houston-based In Solidarity with Animals (ISWA) and Dallas-based Animal Connection of Texas(ACT) who teamed up with Marr to be sure Houston, Dallas and points between are aware of the seal hunt, the largest and most egregious commercial slaughter of marine mammals in the world.

The motorcade from Houston to Dallas marked this yearıs baby seal dead count of nearly 325,000, if the pups were lined up head to toe, their bodies would span the 270 mile distance along I-45 between these two Texas cities.

A funeral procession with at least a dozen cars long, adorned with massive banners, posters and graffiti traveled around Houston and to and around Dallas Thursday, stopping at the Canadian Consulates in both cities to tell Canada, ³Stop the Massacre of Baby Seals!²

So far this year, the Canadian Government has allowed 317,672 harp seals to be shot, stabbed, or clubbed to death; nearly one million have been killed in the past three years. About 99.5 percent of the seals were less than a month old. A panel of international veterinarians who studied the commercial seal hunt concluded up to 42 percent of the seals they examined were likely skinned alive while fully conscious. The last time this many seals were killed, in the 1950s, the harp seal population was driven to near-extinction.

Marr, ISWA and ACT have joined a global campaign to end the hunt that involves groups in 27 countries, including the Humane Society of the United States and Sea Shepherd, to effect a collective and sustained boycott of Canadian seafood until the hunt ends.

Whole Foods Market and several other major merchants have already joined the boycott. Marr has personally met with local merchants and restaurants on his tour; many have signed a declaration pledging not to stock, sell or serve Canadian seafood until the Canadian seal hunt is banned.

Anthony is calling on a boycott of all goods and travel to his country.

While in Houston last week, he also gave a teach at the First Unitarian
Church and showed graphic slides and video of the dophin and whale massacre in Japan which he witnessed last fall.

He has traveled throughout the world to execute various conservation
projects on Bottlenose dolphins, Harp seals, the Grey whale, Tigers, &
Grizzly bears. He also conducts an extensive educational outreach
programs. His [Tigers Forever] slideshow has been presented to over
150,000 students on three continents.

Michol Rantschler, co director of In Solidarity with Animals (ISWA) and Kathy Landry, Marine Mammals Coordinator, In Solidarity with Animals, will co host today's show and Vivian Farrell, founder and president of the Houston-based International Fund for Horses will share with us some late breaking great news! about the campaign to end horse slaughter.

Thank you for listening with an open mind and heart this morning to Go
Vegan Texas! on Pacifica Radio/ KPFT.

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Contact Info on Today's Guests/Co Hosts:

Anthony Marr

The Heal Our Planet Earth Global Environmental Organization, of which he is the founder and President, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Michol Rantshler
co director, In Soldarity with Animals.com

Kathy Landry,
Marine Mammals Coordinator, In Solidarity with Animals


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