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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Walk for the seals event a success!!

From Bruce Foerster
Victoria, BC, Canada

May 8, 2006

Dear fellow animal lover,

I am so very pleased to announce that the 1st annual `Walk for
the Seals' event was a BIG success! Despite the dire weather
outlook in the morning, it turned into a beautiful sunny day just in
time for the Seal Walk! ( the Gods were with us after all ; > ) We
had approx. 50 people meet in Centennial Square for the 1 mile walk
to the Legislature where we were joined by a contingent of
supporters from Vancouver and a few more locals giving us a grand
total of approx. 80 people!! It was so nice for everyone to be able
to relax on the grass and look up at the magnificent Legislature
buildings while learning more about this issue from our various

I led the group down Government St. reciting into a bull horn
the statistical facts which characterize this senseless and
barbaric `hunt'. We were quite a sight coming through town I can
tell you that and attracted a lot of attention from locals and
tourists alike!

Anthony Marr was our first speaker and inspired us
with the many animal rights projects he has instituted in the past
as well as his background knowledge of the commercial seal hunt
which was gathered over many years of studying this perplexing
issue. Anthony played a `requiem for the seals' on his keyboard
which was a beautiful, yet sad piece of music, but gave us all time
to reflect upon the horrible fate of these innocent and defenseless
baby animals that we are so determined to save and protect.

Next to speak was Steve Thompson, a long time Sea Shepherd
supporter from Vancouver about his trials and tribulations trying to
convince Costco to stop selling seal oil capsules. Quite the story!
Bottom line is a boycott of Costco until they agree to stop
participating and profiting from this cruel industry!

Nadine Saunders gave us her thoughts of the seal hunt from the
perspective of a native Newfoundlander which was very interesting.
As Nadine explained, Newfoundlanders are very set in their ways but
her family could never accept sealing as anything more, or less than
the sadistic, senseless and bloody thing that it is!

I then took the liberty of sharing with the group my opinion of the Canadian commercial seal hunt and attempted to convey how much I despise it and why l work tirelessly to end it! Any assistance you can lend the various initiatives that I, and others take to end this crime against nature is certainly appreciated and vital if we are going to influence government policy which we must do at the very highest levels in order to stop this senseless slaughter!

Thank you to those of you who took the time out of your busy
lives to join us in opposing this cruel and barbaric hunt! I know
that many of you wished you could have been there but just could
not. I know you were there with us in spirit and your spirit burned
brightly yesterday along with the spirits of some 80 other
compassionate souls! The success of this rally means more rallies
in the future! I will keep in touch and let you know when our next
initiative will be and hope that you will be able to participate and
help us to end this atrocity against nature forever!


Bruce Foerster
Save the Seals Coalition

p.s. Congratulations to Bill Chemko from Nanaimo who won the draw
for the vacation to Belize!! Bill is working hard to end the seal
hunt so no one is more deserving! : >

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