Heal Our Planet Earth
Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Victoria to Campbell River and back Funeral Motorcade for the Seals

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for immediate release
July 2

Victoria to Campbell River
and back
Funeral Motorcade
for the Seals

340 km return = line of 340,000 dead seals (@ 1 m/seal)
the 340,000 seals massacred in Canada every year

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On the day after Canada Day, not on Canada Day itself, a group of aggrieved and ashamed Canadians, and compassionate Americans, will perform the Funeral Motorcade for the Seals from Victoria to Campbell River and back. As the procession goes through Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum, Comox and Courtenay, they will be joined by local activists and their vehicles, culminating in the "Grand Arrival" back in Victoria in the afternoon.

“340,000 is a large number, sure, but people take a glance at it, raise their eye-brow a little, shelve the number somewhere in the left brain, and go about their business. I want to show them what 340,000 seals actually look like., lined up on both sides of the highway,” says Anthony Marr, founder of Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE), long time anti-hunting-activist. “Still no reaction? How about dogs? 340,000 dead and skinned dogs along the highway. Would we let it happen?”

This will be the very first of such events on Anthony Marr’s 35-states-and-6-provinces-in-5-months Compassion for Animals Road Expedition #4 (CARE-4 - see www.HOPE-CARE.org). The second Funeral Motorcade for the Seals on this tour will be between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, on July 16, Sunday, organized by Sea Shepherd Calgary Chapter.

Victoria anti-sealing activist and event organizer Bruce Foerster says, “The Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth and continues unabated despite there not being any economic justification for the slaughter. This is a horrendous crime against nature which is putting into serious question Canada’s claim of being a civilized, compassionate and progressive society. This ‘hunt’ must be exposed for the fraud which it is and stopped immediately if we are ever going to take our place along other civilized nations who would never tolerate such a barbaric and sadistic act being committed on their soil.”

Details will be forthcoming in due course.



Anthony Marr
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Bruce Foerster
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