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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre
Media Release - the first seal died; the Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition is born

Fellow activists:

Below is a media release which I ask you to kindly distribute far and wide, within the movement as well as to media. Anti-sealing Western Canada needs global support to counter-balance pro-sealing Eastern Canada which has unfair geographical and political advantages. I ask everyone reading this, who has a heart for the seals, to join the Western Canada Anti-sealing Coalition. No fee is required. participation will do.

Anthony Marr, founder of
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE, 1999 - www.HOPE-CARE.org)
Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition (WCASC, 2007 - website under construction).

Apr. 2, 2007
Today, in Eastern Canada,
the first of 270,000+ seals was clubbed to death
or skinned alive, and the
Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition
is born, with a vengeance
A tragedy of biblical proportions has been unfolding in the Gulf of St. Lawrence over the last several weeks. Untold thousands of baby seals have drowned as a result of global warming. The polar ice cap is shrinking year by year closer to zero, and the harp seal and polar bear seem destined for extinction.
“Any compassionate, conscionable and responsible government, one with any foresight at all, would abandon the seal hunt at once, and further launch programs to protect the seals from further decimation. Instead, ours has again heartlessly, thoughtlessly and soullessly returned to what remains of the ice to savage what remain of the seals,” says Anthony Marr, founder of the newly formed Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition.
Why the Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition? “Ask 100 people in Newfoundland, and 80 will say that they are for the seal hunt. Ask 100 people in British Columbia, and 80 will say that they are against it. But the East has much more political clout because its pro-sealing public is more unified and heated than its Western anti-sealing counterpart. The Western Canada Anti-Sealing Coalition is to forge the anti-sealing forces of the West into a unified, passionate and dynamic power block that can outweigh the power block of the East, and tip the scale in Central Canada,” said Anthony Marr.
How will this be accomplished? “We will build the Coalition by waging its first campaign that will naturally require broad-based participation to be successful. The Coalition will more than built itself for action; it will build itself through action,” said Anthony Marr.
What kind of action? “Wage a passionate, unified and a Western-Canada-wide campaign, and we can, for example, make many Western MPs speak out against the seal hunt in Parliament, regardless of party and their own personal leanings. This is just one of the many momentous things WCASC can do,” said Anthony Marr.
How broad should the “broad-based participation” be? Global. Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia. The WCASC is not an exclusive club for Western Canadians, but a global organization championing and supporting the anti-sealing Western Canadian cause. Canadian, American, European and Asian members all welcome,” said Anthony Marr.
Contact: Anthony Marr, founder of Heal Our Planet Earth
(HOPE - www.HOPE-CARE.org)
Western Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition
[email protected] (website under construction)

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Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre

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