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Sample Letters

Subject: Please Help
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 14:15:38 -0400
From: "Melanie McCain" <[email protected]

My heart is heavy as I watch the footage from Canada's seal hunt. Already, I have seen violations of the regulations the sealers are supposed to follow. Every time I see a sealer run out to a baby seal who cannot escape, and bash in their innocent little face, my heart breaks.

If the European Union would implement a ban on seal products from Canada, this could stop. Please help us to stop this atrocity and save the lives of thousands of baby seals every year.

The United States has banned seal products since the 1970s; I implore the European Union to do the same.

Very best regards,
Melanie Baker McCain
Citizen of the United States
Omaha, Nebraska


From: "janine bandcroft" <[email protected]>
Subject: please ban canadian seal products

I'm a canadian, ashamed that the canadian government is again allowing the slaughter of innocent seals.

One way to stop this is to cut the demand. Please refuse to import seal products from Canada. There's no need for it.

janine bandcroft relativenewz.ca


Michael Howard <[email protected]>  wrote:

I am writing to encourage you to implement a ban on the importation of all Canadian seal products. I, as a Canadian, am ashamed of the annual barbaric seal hunt that takes place each spring on the East Coast of Canada. It is an absolute atrocity that such a massacre as this still takes place in 2008. I respect that opponents of the hunt concentrate on the fact that it's unsustainable, but I can't wait for the day when we can make the argument that men should not be standing over baby seals and bashing their heads into a bloody mess with wooden sticks that have metal spikes attached. And for what? Nothing we can't live without. It's absolutely disgusting and it's time Canadians and the rest of the world wake up to the fact that just because we can beat up on other species, doesn't mean we should. I urge you to do your part to stop this ongoing tragedy by banning all Canadian seal products to your country.

Thank you for your consideration.
Michael Howard British Columbia, Canada


From Carmen Gentry:

Thanks, Anthony! I just wrote to everybody! The list you provided and the whole European Union!

I CANNOT imagine what excuse the EU could possible have if they decide not to impose a ban! That will be the day I give up on people...and dedicate myself exclusively to the animals!

We'll keep going... Take care! Carmen


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