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Activist to bury time capsule record of worldwide environmental destruction, starting here

Edmonton Sun
Sunday, July 6, 2008  
by Michelle Thompson, Sun media

Vancouver activist Anthony Marr claims he buried evidence of environmental destruction last night in Edmonton in the first stop of a worldwide tour. However, he won't reveal the location of the time capsule -- the first of many he intends to plot globally, to give those living in 2060 a better understanding of the effects this generation had on the Earth. Keeping the locations confidential will prevent tampering with the capsule contents, Marr explained. "There will be a maximum of three people who know the location," he told Sun Media. "If one dies, then one other person will be told." When the capsule is unearthed 52 years from now, Edmontonians will find two plaques: one chastises the provincial government, while the other applauds environmental leaders. Books, letters and other documents are also contained in the capsule.

"Originally, we were thinking about (leaving it) until 2100, but we're not confident there will be anyone to open it," said the environmental crusader. "We want them to have some hope for the future and not completely blame us for this." Marr, who has been studying global warming since 1972, will bury similar capsules throughout Canada and the U.S. this year. He'll take his quest international next year. However, when it comes to human-caused environmental destruction, he said Alberta concerns him the most. It shouldn't, said Alberta Environment spokesman Cheryl Robb. In 2007, Alberta became the first province to legislate large greenhouse gas emitters and Robb said reductions that resulted from that legislation have been significant. "We've seen 2.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gases reduced," she said. "I don't know if anybody else in Canada can say they've seen real reductions in emissions." 

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