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The Scientific Positive-Doomsday-Prophet
October 17, 2012

Those warning the world about global warming, climate change, the methane time-bomb, food crisis, economic collapse, social disintegration and potential third world war have been vilified of being "doomsday prophets", and tarred with all kinds of unsavoury projected motives, anything from egotism to narcissism to profiteerism.

But for those who heed their warning, the writings are on the wall. To ignore and deny their evidence is to bury ones head in the sand. To find and execute the solution, the problem has first to be defined. To effect change, rude awakenings are often first called for. To "talk positive" to those who are asleep won't make one iota of difference.

The modus operandi of a positive doomsday prophets is not just to talk, but to act. He adores no self-appointed sages who dispense their wisdom from armchairs and pedestals. He obeys no order from "rear admirals", but joins those foot soldiers who fight on the front line and on the point. And he benefits not one red cent from his activism.

anthony marr

PS: And of course he despises those false prophets who damage the credibility of their Book and their Lord (see pic). 

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