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Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (Anthony Marr, Brenda Davis & Cory Davis)

From: kyo (msitf)
Subject: Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (Anthony Marr, Brenda Davis & Cory Davis)
Date: August 15, 2003 at 01:34

I want to make people aware of this tour. They will be traveling to many cities in Canada and the US. Starting in September they will be on the road for 6 months.

If you live in one of the cities on the tour, this is your chance to see: Anthony Marr (conservationist), Brenda Davis, (co-author of "Becoming Vegan") and Cory Davis (Brenda's son ).

Here is a website with the tour rout and other information

They need help with:

1. a warm bed and hot vegan food in cold weather;
2. help with speaking opportunities and engagements;
3. help with organizing local events;
4.help with continental networking; spreading the word;
5. help with database building (e.g. school email lists);
6. financial support;
7. wish us luck.

I wonder if anyone here is involved with this tour or plans to go to any of the events.


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