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An exciting opportunity to host a speaker in your area

From: "Ben H."
Date: Wed Oct 15, 2003 5:42 pm
Subject: FWD: An exciting opportunity to host a speaker in your area


Anthony Marr, author of Science and Human Destiny (http://www.omni-/science.org )is coming through our area on or around April 15th. I think we should try to host him. As you know, I've encountered some difficulties getting the affiliation we need to reserve space, but either late this quarter or early next quarter we should have some affiliate.

Marr seems to be a humanistic pro-science speaker. I'm definitely going to pull for a big Transhumanist speaker to come, and DJ of CFA has made it known that he will happily provide a Freethought speaker, all expenses paid. All this needs is a little planning and
coordination, and I'm up for that. Debates are a whole different ball game and I think we should hold off on having any until next year.

All the best,


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