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"Hold the bacon," nutritionist says

By Kira Lesley


As dieters across the country trade in salads for steaks and calorie counting for carb counting, Americans are relying increasingly on meat products as the core of their diets.

But nutrition expert Brenda Davis is setting out to reverse this trend, one state at a time.

Davis, a registered dietitian and best−selling co−author of five nutrition books, spoke to a small crowd in Starr Auditorium on Sunday as part of the Compassion For Animals Road Tour. The Tour, which also includes well−known Canadian animal rights activist Anthony Marr, began in August and will cover 41 states and seven provinces before concluding in April.

Davis' lecture, which was entitled "Exploding Nutrition Myths," failed to attract a large crowd. Julia Liu '06, head of the Brown Animal Rights Coalition, which sponsored the event, said in an e−mail to The Herald that animal rights programs are usually not well−attended at Brown. Sunday's event was cut short because of the low turnout.
In the lecture, Davis challenged several widely accepted nutritional ideas that support the consumption of animal products. These ideas have led to unhealthy diets, a strain on the world's ecosystems and inhumane treatment of animals in factory farms, she said...

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