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Brenda Davis, Anthony Marr to speak at VegForum on Feb. 29

Brenda Davis is one of just a handful of the top vegetarian / vegan nutritionists in North America. Don't miss this opportunity to hear her speak! Come to the VegForum in Denver on Sunday afternoon, February 29, where she will be speaking with Anthony Marr, champion of the Bengal tiger and leader of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition! This event is co-sponsored by Rocky Mountain Animal Defense.

Additional opportunities to hear Brenda will be at the following times and places:

Tuesday, Feb. 24, in Colorado Springs. 8 p. m. "Eating for Life -- Constructing the Optimal Diet." East Rastall in the Waner Student Center at Colorado College (northwest corner of Cascade and Cache La Poudre).  

Wednesday, Feb. 25, in Denver at Auraria Campus, 12 noon -- "Defeating Diabetes," at St. Cajetan's Center on the Auraria downtown campus. Sponsored by the VSC and by the Health Center at Auraria.  

Wednesday, Feb. 25th, in southeast Denver, 6:00 p. m.: vegetarian potluck and talk and discussion with Anthony Marr. 2865 S. Gilpin St., Denver, CO. Topic: "Animal rights, the CARE tour, and cosmology." Gather at 6:00 p. m., eat at 6:30 p. m., then talk and discussion afterwards. Bring a vegetarian dish with recipe card and your own utensils. Seating limited, RSVP to 303-300-2368 if you want to come. Directions: from I-25, take exit 205 to S. University Blvd. Go south on S. University for about a dozen blocks until you get to traffic light at Yale. Then right (west) on Yale, seven blocks to S. Gilpin; make a left (south) on S. Gilpin for a block and a half to 2865 S. Gilpin St. (red brick house).   

Thursday, Feb. 26, in Boulder at the Coors Events Center, conference room 4, at CU Boulder; 7 p. m. "The Optimum Diet." Cosponsored by Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) and the VSC.

Brenda is a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group, a group of professionals in the American Dietetic Association. She's co-authored numerous books, including "Becoming Vegetarian," "Becoming Vegan," and "Defeating Diabetes." (Her co-author on the first two books, Vesanto Melina, visited us in 2001 and spoke to the VSC then.) She's one of just a handful of top experts in North America on vegan and vegetarian nutrition -- she's not to be missed!

Anthony Marr is the originator of this tour. He is a world known tiger preservationist, a tireless animal advocate, and a dynamic speaker, not to mention an acclaimed scientific philosopher! He is promoting the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition. He often debates hunters on radio and TV.

Cory Davis is Brenda's 15-year-old son. He is a gourmet cook and a devoted animal advocate, with a keen interest in defending food animals. During this tour he will be operating the 54" Raw Truth TV, which will be showing videos in public places along the lines of the sort of showings in "The Witness."

The aim of their road show is "to bring about a continental awareness breakthrough, to rally the activists from coast-to-coast to concerted action." Continental awareness is something we desperately need! Our society continues to "not get it" with respect to diet and health: a majority of Americans is now overweight, and diabetes is a growing problem in North America, which increasingly affects even teenagers. Yet harmful and unhealthy diets such as the Atkins diet are growing in popularity.

Americans also "don't get it" concerning animals. The threat to the Bengal tiger is the tip of the iceberg of a pattern of global extinction. As so-called "civilization" progresses, animals are heartlessly and systematically destroyed.

Call the VSC at 303-777-4828 or stay tuned to this web site for further details.

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