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The Campus Freethought Alliance and the Council for Secular Humanism

The Campus Freethought Alliance and the Council for Secular Humanism (both headquartered at the Center for Inquiry) are pleased to announce that from April 15, 2004, Anthony Marr - internationally recognized tiger preservationist, leading animal advocate, critically acclaimed scientific philosopher and author of łOmni-Science and Human Destiny˛ (2003) - will be lecturing through 41 states and four Canadian provinces at over 100 universities and numerous off-campus venues on his ground-breaking presentation łThe Universe and Human Destiny,˛ a talk in which he explains his ethical and
naturalistic scientific life-stance. When he arrives in your city, he would be delighted to address an audience assembled by your group.

If you are interested in having Anthony speak to your group, please contact him at 866-822-1169 or 216-346-0946.

Anthony will be traveling as part of the Compassion for Animals Road Expedition Tour (CARE Tour), which also includes Brenda Davis, Registered Dietitian. Brenda is author of 5 books on vegetarianism including "Becoming Vegetarian" and is a former chair of the
Vegetarian Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, as well as an internationally acclaimed speaker. Brenda will be giving talks on this tour and her son will be giving cooking demos.

To view Anthony Marrąs itinerary, his book, critiques of his previous lecture tour, as well as his breath-taking Tigers Forever slideshow resulting from three deep-rural-India expeditions, please see www.HOPE-CARE.org

DJ Grothe
Director, Campus and Community Programs
Center for Inquiry

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