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Animal Rights Van Offers Graphic Videos

Kamloops Daily News

"Images of carves forced into veal pens, chicks having their beaks cut off, a cow hanging alive with its throat slit -- all were on show for passers-by to view as an animal rights van came through Kamloops earlier this week.

"Anthony Marr, a spokesman for Heal Our Planet Earth Global Eco Org, said he set up Tuesday night at Victoria Street and Third Avenue, showing graphic videos of factory farming, grizzly bear hunting and fur trapping on a 54-inch television.

"The TV is housed in a trailer behind the recreational vehicle that will be home to Marr and Kelowna dietitian Brenda Davis, along with her 14-year-old son, when they tour 37 U.S. states and four Canadian Provinces between January and June next year.

"'Factory farming hits home more because most people eat meat. They tend not to want to look at it. It is emotional, if people love animals, and believe in compassion for animals.'

"An opponent of the B.C. grizzly hunt for years, Marr said the factory farm footage affected him personally when he saw it. 'I used to eat meat until 1999 when I saw similar footage.'"

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