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Preservationist urges: Save the Tiger

Charlotte, NC – July 1, 2004 – In the new movie, "Two Brothers," a couple of tiger cubs are separated and taken into captivity, then reunited years later when they’re forced to fight as enemies.

If only a tiger’s life were that easy, believes renowned tiger preservationist, Anthony Marr. Instead, tigers are under more deadly attack – from poachers, smugglers and traders of endangered species products, as well as the increasing human destruction of their habitat. In August, Marr will bring his message to Charlotte in two presentations at the Independence and Morrison Regional libraries.

Marr is one of 30 active tiger preservationists in the world. He has led several tiger-saving expeditions and has conducted undercover operations in both India and North America to catch illegal traders of tigers and tiger products. He was honored as the Champion of the Bengal Tiger in the TV documentary series, "Champions of the Wild," which aired on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. At the libraries, he will focus on the dire plight of wild tigers due to poaching and habitat loss, and will encourage the public to help save them.

  • Monday, Aug. 9, 2-3:30 p.m. Morrison Regional Library, 7015 Morrison Blvd., Charlotte. For older children and families. Information at (704) 336-2019.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 10, 7-8:30 p.m. Independence Regional Library, 6015 Independence Blvd., Charlotte. For younger children and families. Registration required at (704) 563-0945.

Though both presentations are designed for children and parents, a few slides and descriptions may seem harsh, and parents are encouraged to decide if the library events would be appropriate for their children.

Founded in 1903 as a Carnegie Free Library, PLCMC provides community service and outreach to the citizens of the Charlotte area. It is one of the premiere libraries in the country – named "Library of the Year" and "Library of the Future" in the 1990s – with 23 branches, 1.6 million volumes, and 28,000 videos and DVDs and compact disks. The library also sponsors a variety of community-based programs – from computer- and Internet-education workshops to the award-winning Novello Festival of Reading, a celebration that accentuates the fun of reading and learning.


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Animal Rights Whirlwind!

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Nearly 800 animal rights activists from throughout the U.S. and several other countries packed the Sheraton Premiere Hotel near the nation's capital on July 8-12, 2004 to map the movement's national strategy for the coming year.

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The Animal Rights 2004 National Conference featured more than 80 speakers from 60 groups representing every faction of the movement. They presented in 70 sessions, including keynote addresses, briefings on various forms of animal abuse, workshops on organizing and outreach skills, 'rap' sessions, and campaign reports.

Get the whole scoop!

and ...

If you don't know about the Compassion for Animals Road Expedition, get the skinny on the CARE TOUR, a seven-month project that covered 40 states. See and read about this amazing project in its new website HOPE-CARE.org which contains 2,500 digital images of the tour and the hundreds of participating activists, as well as excerpts from the field journals of CARE campaigners Anthony Marr and Brenda Davis.

*Those with dial-up internet connections, be aware: the images on the site are HUGE and take quite a while to load in, but it's worth it!

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This excerpt is from April 2004:

"2004-04-03-6 (In RV in the driveway of Mike and Gina Myers in Talent (near Ashland), OR, 168398 km. Our drive from San Francisco to here was by I-5 and uneventful. We arrived at the Meyers' about as expected, and were warmly received.

I gave my tiger slideshow at the local library of Ashland. Only 4 people came, "Ah well," thought I, "we're winding up the tour. So, what the hell." And I gave a hearty presentation to the four, one of whom being Mike Meyers, our giant of a host who dwarfs even the 6-foot-plus Cory.

Upon our return, we found Janette, PETA's second in command, there visiting. We socialized for awhile. After that, Cory and I went playing chess in the RV. In mid-game, Mike came knocking, and we invited him to sit down on my bed. He quite casually made an offering I found hard to believe, but even harder to refuse. US $100,000 for my next trip to India, on the condition that he goes as a volunteer as well. He stuck out his hand, and I had to ask more than once, "Are you serious?" His hand did not waver, so I took it and shook it. Cory just sat there dumbfounded. Mike shook his hand too. I welcomed Cory to come to India as well. He did not say yes or no, at least not at the moment. So, the CARE tour is ending not with a whimper, but with a bang."

Anthony Marr and CARE campaigner Cory Davis both spoke at the AR 2004 conference just a couple of weeks ago.

These people are really putting themselves and animal rights out there and we're proud to introduce their efforts to you!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 10:36 pm    

Post subject: "TIGERS IN HIS TANK",


With reference to "TIGERS IN HIS TANK", I was one of the wildlife preservationists who voiced oppositon to Mr. Fertitta's plan when it was being considered. I was priviledged to speak at City council as a "tiger expert", hoping that the plublic would see the light. Unfortunately what I said was not well represented in the subsequent Houston Chronicle article, and the public remain morbidly fascinated by Mr. Fertitta's offering. So, at risk of repating myself, I would like to state my reasons as succinctly as possible, in a letter-to-the-editor not subject to misquotation.

My reasons are four:
1. White tigers are products of deliberate inbreeding (i.e. father with daughter, mother with son, brother with sister) which brings out the recessive white color. This in itself is obscene.

2. But further, the inbreeding also brings out the otherwise unexpressed genetic defects. These tigers are of no value in the preservation of the species. What they do is to take up precious room of those which are of value, considering that we cannot have an infinite number of captive tigers.

3. Only between a quarter to a third of the offspring of inbreeding are white. The others are just normally colored tigers with genetic defects. These are the saddest tigers of all, tigers of human making. These
sad tigers have nowhere to go, not even in zoos (which want unblemished specimens). Ah, maybe there is one place for them to go : canned-hunt farms - one of the saddest places in the world.

4. As you wisely said, after the tigers, then what? Elephants? Dolphins? Maybe even an Orca or two? "More" by definition is boundless. So is greed. So is the total absence of compassion. The only thing more boundless, sadly, is the appetite of the consuming public.

I hope this letter will make a difference.

Anthony Marr
wildlife preservationist
tiger specialist


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February's Guardian of the Month:

Anthony Marr


Anthony Marr (center) with CARE participants


After a decade of full-time activism on behalf of animals, Anthony Marr decided to take his message on the road. He started the seven-month, 41 state Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE) tour to show people all across the country how animals are treated in our society and tell them what they can do about it. He bought a used 21' RV and a 10' trailer, and equipped the mobile unit with a 54" TV to bring behind-the-scenes videos to the public and spread awareness of animal issues.


Joining Anthony on the nationwide tour was dietitian and best-selling author Brenda Davis (who penned "Becoming Vegetarian," "Becoming Vegan," "Dairy-Free and Delicious" and "Defeating Diabetes"), and her then 14-year-old son Cory. The trio partnered with vegetarian and animal advocacy groups throughout the U.S. to deliver educational presentations at hundreds of universities, high schools, middle schools, and public venues between September 2003 and April 2004!


As part of their message, the CARE tour supported IDA's Guardian Campaign by urging people to use compassionate language. "If one insists on having an animal for companionship or partnership of some kind, it is a responsibility above all else to safeguard the well-being of the animal," says Anthony. "The prime currency should not be money, nor utility, nor performance, nor even companionship; it should be love, unconditionally given, gratefully received and joyfully returned." Well put, Anthony!


Anthony is featured on the Guardian Campaign Website at http://www.guardiancampaign.com/. IDA honors an extraordinary guardian each month in our e-news, and you can learn about past Guardians of the Month on our Website.



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In the last decade of full time campaigning in defense of animals, Anthony Marr created another way to spread awareness of animal issues and rally activists from coast-to-coast.

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