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Anti-Hunting Activist Will Plead Case For Deer

Dear all:

I just drove 33 hours from Missoula MT to Beloit WI over the last two days, so I may still be slightly groggy, but even the groggiest anti-hunter is sharper than the sharpest hunter, right?

I want to make clear that on this Deer Tour 2007, I'll be representing myself as a "wildlife conservationist" and not a businessman (this reporter describes me as an "anti-hunting activist" and it's fine by me), the reason being that immuno-contraception is a crucial part of the integrated non-lethal strategy, and IC is not yet available on the commercial market, so basically, there is nothing yet for the businessman to sell, whereas there is plenty for the general public and Leagues of Humane Voters (LOHVs) to clamor for.

Also, using such a label will likely incite hunters to attend, which is always a good thing from the view point of media which want drama more than info. Beside, even if the hunters and culler don't attend, media will contact them for a "balanced treatment" anyway, as per the following article, and it would be better if the opposition is there at the event so that anything they say can be challenged on the spot, than letting them say it without any chance for refutation. I will return to the business label after the public has forced the ICs on to the market.

BTW, EVEN IF GonaCon is as questionable as DeNicola claims, we have two "magic bullets", not just one - namely PZP (SpayVac) and GnRH (GonaCon). PZP has been proven (at Fire Island NY and Gaithersburgh MD, among other places including Montana where PZP leader Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick operates and resides) to be near 100% effective over the first 3 years and still 80% effective by years 4 and 5. Also, at NY, the population declined by 60% over 6 years without culling, and at MD, it declined by 33% over 4 years, all due to the natural attrition rate of 10-20% due to various causes including DVAs.

On my way from Missoula MT to Beloit WI, I stopped by Billings to have a meeting with Kirkpatrick. He said, "I don't mind them not using the technique for social and economic reasons, but I would mind very much if they say it doesn't work. It works." And that is using a rather cumbersome method of using cage traps to capture and inject, given that a cage trap can trapped only one deer per day, and some deer repeatedly go into a trap because there are apples in it. He said that, in the morning, he would often find a tagged deer there, lying down and relaxed. The greatest expense in IC is not the vaccine, but the labor of capture. Remoting darting is an alternative method, but it is unreliable and unsystematic. I asked him what if we use a DAC instead of individual cage-traps - i.e., building a basket-ball-court-sized fenced enclosure with food inside and one-way-gates leading into it, then after the herd has entered the DAC, open a outward-facing one-way-gate leading into a narrow chute where deer could enter only one at a time, and where deer could be injected and tagged through a hole in the chute. He thought about it a moment, then said that it could work very well, is not stressful to the deer and could save a lot of labor. I also said that if hunters would be glad to volunteer their time to go culling deer in a suburb, so can we come up with volunteers for working the DAC. He nodded again.

One more thing. I'll be meeting with, get this, the DNR personel here in the Beloit area who are the ones hands-on shooting deer with their own hands and have been doing so for the last 4 years. I asked Jim Beam who is facilitating the meeting as to why they would want to meet with me. Jim said they were sick and tire of doing it year after year with no end in sight!

Anyway, here is the article. It was done after a phone interview last night within a hour of my arrival at Beloit when I was RAELLY groggle and is not perfect. But if there are mistakes in there, it is by the reporter, not by me!
Anti-Hunting Activist Will Plead Case For Deer


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