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Announcing: The fifth Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-5) by Anthony Marr, founder of Heal Our Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.), sponsored in part by In Defense of Animals (IDA). Between July and December, 2007, he will make PowerPoint presentations and conduct media events in 31 American states and 6 Canadian provinces. Now that we are preparing for this new undertaking, we are writing to invite your participation in this new international campaign, and ask for your needed support - for the whales, dolphins, deer, and seals.

The focus:  The focus of CARE-5 will be for the seals, whales, dolphins, and deer.  Additionally, the tour will focus double-negatively, against global whaling, the Japanese dolphin capture/slaughter, and the Canadian seal massacre.

For the seals:
Anti-sealing activists around the world are galvanized at this moment by the impending massacre of yet another 325,000 seals. But come July through December, the action will have cooled off. Anthony wants to keep the fire stoked and the heat sizzling, and the anti-Canadian-seafood boycott ever-expanding. In CARE-3 (May through August, 2005), Anthony turned his car into the “Seal Mobile“, with anti-sealing posters taped on the sides, and the slogan “I AM CANADIAN; BOYCOTT MY COUNTRY!” painted on the windows. After the first week, he lost count of the number of friendly honks on the highway, and the number of thumb-up signs from passers-by. With the Seal Mobile, Anthony led many “Funeral Motorcades for the Seals”, which ranged from 3.5 km to 350 km. 350 km represents the length of a single file of 350,000 dead seals (at one meter per seal) along the highway. Media loved it, and covered the motorcades in droves. The two most memorable motorcades were the one from Houston to Dallas (about 350 km), covered by all 4 major TV stations, and the one from San Diego to Los Angeles and back (total also about 350 km). He intends to do more of these motorcades in CARE-5, from NYC to DC, for example.

For the whales:
Having conducted overt and covert operations in Japan on two visits in the last two years, Anthony Marr has developed a new anti-whaling strategy never tried before, which he believes will contribute significantly to the ending of whaling worldwide, starting with Japan.

For the dolphins: 
Anthony has developed a new interspecies communication technique which could save dolphins by entire pods from capture and slaughter, which he tested successfully in 2004. Also, the new anti-whaling strategy will benefit the dolphins as well as the whales.

New Anti-Whaling Strategy:
While on his second trip to Japan in November 2005 towards terminating Japanese whaling and dolphin slaughter, and upon his return to Vancouver, a new strategy gradually materialized in his mind. Now that it has been fully formed, Anthony Marr believes that, given widespread participation and generous support throughout North ! America, it has the potential to devastate these evil industries. It is said to be a “Yin” strategy - an excellent compliment to Sea Shepherd's Yang approach! It is built, in part, upon the interweaving of the following observations made by Anthony while in Japan:

#1. The Japanese government is impervious to protests-on-compassionate-grounds from the international community, particularly the AR movement. Japanese consulate bureaucrats laugh at protesters. They respond to the AR movement as one would a mosquito.

#2. The AR movement has not taken significant hold in Japan, meaning that the Japanese people are not much informed nor concerned about animal issues; thus no significant anti-whaling movement currently exists in Japan, and no significant action from within Japan has yet come forth.

#3. Japan is considered to be a police state (Paul Watson), and yet, police presence is light, meaning that the Japanese people have been tamed down, and are extremely tradition-bound and law-abiding - to Japanese tradition and law, that is, including those regarding whaling, dolphin capture-slaughter, food and health. Questioning, criticizing, opposing and protesting a law, and the way it is enforced or not enforced, are not common occurrences in Japan.

#4. Japanese media is practically government-controlled. Major news stories, in particular potentially confrontational and controversial ones, have to be approved by government before publication. Whereas Western media thrive on confrontation and controversy, Japanese media shun them (although recently, there was a very good article in Japan Times about the dolphin slaughter, in English), meaning that media outside of Japan must be engaged in informing the Japanese people about these issues.

#5. Whale meat is legally sold in supermarkets throughout Japan (Seiyu, for example, Japanese equivalent of Safeway, better yet, Wal Mart, as you will see, with over 400 outlets, 95% of which openly display whale meat for sale). Whale and dolphin meat are found in especially high concentration in places like Taiji, Katuura and Shingu, and Shimonoseki where the whaling fleet assembled prior to departure for the Antarctic.

#6. Whale meat, and worse so, dolphin meat, are overloaded with exceedingly high concentrations of toxins, particularly mercury (causing severe brain damage and behavioral mal! function especially in children and fetuses), dioxin (the most deadly carcinogen known to science) and PCB (PCB-loaded beluga whale carcasses in Canada are treated as toxic waste). Mercury concentrations in whale and dolphin meat randomly sampled throughout Japan regularly exceed 20 ppm - 50 times the maximum allowable concentration of 0.4 ppm set by the Japanese government itself.

#7. Japanese scientists have been publishing Fact #6 for years, and even presenting it at the International Whaling Commission convention. There is no way the Japanese government could claim ignorance to these facts.

#8. And yet, in spite of #6 & #7, the Japanese government is vigorously promoting #5, for the profit of its whaling industry, thus acting dishonorably in its obligation as the steward for the Japanese people, and more so, violating its own health-protection laws.

#9. The Japanese government is actively introducing whale meat into school lunch programs and social events, touting it as “health food” and “brain enhancer”, in its attempt to invigorate whale meat consumption. This is tantamount to the deliberate and deceitful poisoning its own children, for the profit of its whaling industry.

#10. The Japanese people are a long way from animal rights activism, but they would likely respond to a human issue, especially one involving children, their own children.

#11. Honor and respect are important fact! ors in the Japanese culture. The Japanese government might take notice if the law-abiding Japanese people feel and express that their government has behaved dishonorably, and has lost their respect, and further, their confidence that it would look after their best interest.

#12. Japan‘s main moral defense for whaling and dolphin slaughter has been the T-word - Tradition - that Japan has been killing whales and dolphins for centuries. But centuries ago, were there mercury, dioxin and PCB in whale and dolphin meat?

Basically, Japan has zero defense - moral, ethical, medical or legal - for continuing whaling and dolphin slaughtering, i! ! n the judgment its own people and in the international community, and the World Health Organization for that matter. Its real drive is economical, and that pertains only to the profit of the whaling and dolphin capture-slaughter industries.

Since whale and dolphin meat is unfit for consumption, it should be banned in Japan and worldwide. In fact, research at the Faroe Islands, which continues its “grind” (pilot whale killing) tradition, has clearly demonstrated severe and permanent brain damage in fetuses and children. Norway, another whaling nation, at least urges its own pregnant women to shun consumption of any whale meat. If whale and dolphin meat are banned in Japan, and whale and dolphin meat consumption abandoned, Japanese whaling and dolphin slaughter would be sunk, dragging the whaling industries of other nations down with! ! it.

Question is: How do we inform the Japanese people about the relevant points above? How do we protect Japanese children from their own government? From #4 above, it is up to international media to inform the Japanese people.

The question becomes: How do we engage media outside of Japan to take on this cause? A newspaper in, say, St. Louis, would likely not devote space to what it would likely consider an irrelevant Japanese issue, UNLESS there is a local angle. And, as if by providence, greed, of all things, has given us just such a local “hook“, and it would be a waste and a shame, not to mention a belittling of the divine, to not employ it. Witness Fact #13:

#13. Seiyu (see #5 above) is a close associate of Wal Mart, so close that they own each other’s shares and share each other’s directors, executives and policies. Wal-Mart, which owns 37.7% of Seiyu, is the single largest shareholder in the company, and five of Wal Mart’s executives sit on Seiyu's Board of Directors. In other words, Wal Mart is a major driving force of Japan’s whale meat market, which drives Japanese whaling. And there are Wal Marts in every American city.

Wal Mart is already unpopular with certain sectors of American society for other unsavory reasons. A cooperative, coordinated, orchestrated, nationwide campaign against “Whale Mart” will certainly make news, not just about mercury poisoning, but about the cruelty and environmental devastation of whaling and dolphin capture-slaughter. This news, once made, will certainly reach the people of Japan through such non-government-controlled channels as CNN.

To make this happen, Anthony Marr will undertake a fifthth nation-wide campaign tour. He will present his evolving PowerPoint presentation titled Know Thy Enemy, which has motivated thousands so far, followed by a post-presentation media event at a local Wal Mart store.

Anthony also intends to present this show to as many schools as possible in every city, and have the students of each school write letters to the students of a chosen sister school in Japan, directly warning them of the dangers in consuming whale and dolphin meat, and of course the cruelty o! f the industries. With such a direct warning, the parents would likely take action against! their own government.

While on tour, Anthony will also be giving a lecture titled I. T. of Earth - The Science of Peace, designed for those interested in charting a course toward long term peace on Earth. I.T. stands for Integrative Transcendence - of the nations into a single, global, internally harmonious Planetary Organism, in which there will be no military on the national level. I.T. is the backbone of the new philosophical system called Omniscientific Cosmology, advanced in his book Omni-Science and the Human Destiny.

CARE-5 is sponsored in part by:


Anthony Marr will give this project all he's got, but he will need local help. This includes hosting a presentation, organizing an Anti-Whale-Mart media event, and/or a Funeral Motorcade for the Seals, and providing lodging for the campaigner and financial help for the campaign, which will have cost upwards of $20,000 when its over at year-end.

Thank you again for your past support, without which there could have been no campaign, let alone its success.

For the animals,

Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
[email protected] 

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