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Stop Killing Deer
Stop Killing Deer
Unveiling the amazing Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC)in Anthony Marr's CARE-5 Tour
Fellow activists:
On my 4th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-4 - see www.HOPE-CARE.org) covering over 30 states July through Ohio, New Jersey, Iowa, and others, and further, the cruelty involved..

Now, I am planning CARE-5 in order to fix it.

It will be by means of a system called Non-Violent Human-Deer Conflict Resolution, which includes a no-capture relocation technology invented by myself called the Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC - see deer section of www.HOPE-CARE.org).
My observations during CARE-4 in a nut shell:
    - Deer are killed in large numbers inside the city-limits of many communities, i.e., right in people’s backyards, from dawn to dusk including when children are coming home from school. This is the prevailing strategy for dealing with the general increase in white-tailed deer population across the nation. The deer population increase is in part artificially produced in the wild for hunting purposes through feed-plots, and the inadvertent creation of deer habitat through clear-cut logging and fringe suburban habitats. This causes a rise in deer-vehicle accident (DVA) rates, and urban deer complaints.
    - Some cities expend huge amounts in deer “culling”. Solon, OH, for example, pop. 30,000, spent $520,000 in 2004/2005 to kill 1,000 deer using a professional sharpshooter (Anthony DeNicola of White Buffalo Inc.). In 2006/2007, DeNicola shot another 150. DeNicola himself wrote that culling is “like mowing lawn”, referring to that it has to be repeated again and again. At $300 a deer, however, he has the financial incentive to keep this piece of wisdom well hidden.
    - Due to the Compensatory Rebound Effect, which elevates the reproductive rate of a drastically culled deer population to the point when the population could doubt itself within 2-3 years, deer have to be shot year after year, with no end in sight. The culling method is a self-perpetuating cash cow for the lethal operators and their collaborators.
    - Other communities use bow-hunters shooting with arrows, and contractors using captive-bolts. Both methods are exceptionally cruel. Bow-hunting statistics shows the nonfatal/fatal ratio at about 55/45, and that for every deer killed by an arrow, an average of 17 arrows would have been fired. Captive-bolting is the method used for killing domestic hoofed animals, involving shooting a 4” bolt into the brain at contact range, but captive deer struggle so violently that they often had their legs broken and the bolts shot into their eyes. Video evidence shows that it took over 3 minutes to kill one thrashing net-captured deer, involving multiple bolt-shots.
    - There exists a full range of non-lethal methods and products, including deterrents and repellents of many categories, physical barriers of many fencing types, and contraception employing different techniques, but they need to be used integratively in order to be fully effective, and integrated packages or strategies are almost non-existent.
    - Fencing is a long term solution with an upfront expense, but minimal maintenance cost from year to year, rendering it much more economical when the up front cost is amortized over the 25-year life expectancy of the fence.
    - Even after a 50% cull, the DVA rate of a community is reduced by little more than 25%, whereas fencing can reduced the DVA rate by over 90%.
    - Lethal methods are short-term solutions at best, and generally knee-jerk reactions on the part of the short-sighted, pro-killing, yet influential elements of local governments. But their inside track is so tight that their view - “even non-lethal strategies must contain a lethal element” - holds sway.
No, Human-Deer Conflict resolution does not have to involve killing or capture. All that’s needed is some basic compassion, intelligence, foresight, tolerance and patience.
The Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC) merits special mention. It is a static physical structure that employs the deer’s natural behavior to create a dynamic one-way deer movement from a high density area to a low-density area. A DAC comprises two elements -
1. twin-longitudinal fences (which could exceed a kilometer in length) and serial lateral fences between them, and
2. longitudinal one-way-gates at the lateral fencing and inward lateral one-way-gates at the longitudinal fencing.
It does not involve harassing, trapping, handling, tranquilizing and transporting deer in any way. The deer will not feel any human interference from beginning to end. And the speed of transfer can be adjusted by a number of easily controlled factors such as the width of the longitudinal fenced channel, the number of lateral fences and the number of one-way gates per unit length of longitudinal and lateral fencing, and with food. The speed can be so finely tuned to achieve a certain desirable and stabilized deer density.
Since the Deer Auto-Conveyer (DAC) involves fencing, it could be combined with otherwise recommended road-fencing (for reducing DVAs), and save on cost on both counts.
In CARE-5, When I come to a city (if it is on the itinerary), I will:
1. conduct a background study of the city in terms of its geography, demographics, ecology and extant human-deer relations;
2. conduct a ground tour of the city and evaluate its suitability for a DAC;
3. hold meetings with local businesses dealing in non-lethal technologies;
4. give a presentation to the local animal advocacy community;
5. give a differently toned presentation to the local government in a boardroom setting.
A local event host, a volunteer local tour-guide and free billeting will be greatly appreciated.

CARE-5 Preliminary itinerary:

CA 2007-07-15 - 2007-07-25

(AR Conference July 19-23 - www.ARConference.org)

NV 2007-07-26

UT 2007-07-27

MT 2007-07-29 (mule deer)

States with White-tailed deer below:

ND 2007-08-01

MN 2007-08-02

IA 2007-08-06

WI 2007-08-08

IL 2007-08-12

IN 2007-08-16

MI 2007-08-20

OH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NJ 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

PA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

DE 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NY 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

CT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

RI 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

MA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

VT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

WV 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

MD 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

VA 2007-11-01

NC 2007-11-05

SC 2007-11-09

GA 2007-11-12

TN 2007-11-16

AR 2007-11-20

TX 2007-11-23

I look forward hearing from you and working with you.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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