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Stop Killing Deer
Stop Killing Deer
The Oscillating DAC - exciting development in Anti-Culling
To all opposed to culling as a solution to human-deer conflict:
I just read an article discovered by Google Alert - from Quality Deer Management - a highly influential website which is prohunting yet factual (including the deer density maps), and frequented by huge numbers of hunters.
In this article, there is a side-by-side diagram.  The left side features 10 does; the caption says "deer population exceeding carrying capacity, low reproductive rate"): 
DOE - fawn
DOE - fawn
DOE - fawn
Year end total - 13 deer.
The right side features 5 does; the caption says "deer population below carrying capacity, high reproductive rate":
DOE - fawn + fawn
DOE - fawn
DOE - fawn + fawn
DOE - fawn
DOE - fawn + fawn
Year end total - 13 deer.
What does this tell us:
1.  The culled deer population can rebound to full strength within 1 year (straight from the hunter's mouth).
2.  The culling method does not work (except to fatten the pockets of those in the culling industry year after year)
Here is the problem  With or without culling, the number of deer becomes 13 by year end, when even 10 deer are considered to exceeding the carrying capacity.
The hunters may argue that without culling, the problem could be even worse, following whatever line of their "logic".  But basically, they have no viable solution, especially if they reject contraception, as well as relocation on grounds of disease spreading, stress related mortality, and "passing the buck", literally. 
But it cannot be denied by us that the integrity of the habitat is at risk of irreparable damage whether culling takes place or not.  If we deny it, it'd just be a confirmation of their long standing accusation that we work on emotion and not logic, and the general public will just side with the hunters.
As of last night, we have a viable solution.
If the deer herd inhabits the piece of land year-round, and exceeds its biologically carrying capacity, there would indeed be over-all environmental damage.  But if we divide the piece of land into two halves - A and B - and have the deer inhabit only one half at a time, then rotated between A and B periodically, both halves would have the time to recover.  
This can be achieved with what I call an Oscillating DAC (DAC = Deer Auto-Conveyor - see deer section in www.HOPE-CARE.org)
It is a simple construct of two adjacent fenced areas with a common fence in between.  In this common fence is a one-way gate, from A to B.  Initially, there are deer in both areas.  After some time, all the deer will have moved into B.  A can then lie fallow to recover. 
Meanwhile, all the deer live in B.  B is only half the size of the original piece of land.  So the density is doubled.  This will have the effect to slowing down the reproductive rate even more.  We could protect the important vegetation in B by internal fencing, and keep the herd borderline-healthy by supplementary feeding, but not as much as to encourage reproduction.  Selective contraception can help, but not necessary, since the deer population in food shortage situations will decline naturally and stabilize at a lower level.
After A has recovered, all that needs to be done is to have the one-way gate reversed, so that the deer will move from B into A.  And so on.
In this manner, the ecology of the piece of land can be preserved indefinitely.
I will be on my 25-states-in-4-months Deer Tour as of the end of the Animal Rights Conference (www.ARConference.org) until late November.  The state-by-state itinerary is as follows:

CA 2007-07-15 - 2007-07-25

(AR Conference July 19-23 - www.ARConference.org)

NV 2007-07-26

UT 2007-07-27

MT 2007-07-29 (mule deer)

States with White-tailed deer below:

ND 2007-08-01

MN 2007-08-02

IA 2007-08-06

WI 2007-08-08

IL 2007-08-12

IN 2007-08-16

MI 2007-08-20

OH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NJ 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

PA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

DE 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NY 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

CT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

RI 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

MA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

NH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

VT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

WV 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

MD 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31

VA 2007-11-01

NC 2007-11-05

SC 2007-11-09

GA 2007-11-12

TN 2007-11-16

AR 2007-11-20

TX 2007-11-23

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