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Stop Killing Deer
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Dear deer defenders across America:

As you may already be aware, I will be launching my 5th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition dedicated to the deer (CARE-5 or Deer Tour) starting on July 19 with the Animal Rights Conferences in Los Angeles CA (see www.ARConference.org). From there, I will be traversing ID, MT, ND/SD, MN,WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT, NH, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, TN, AR, TX, and, if time allows, also NM, AZ, CA, OR and WA before returning to BC in late November.

So far, our project coordinator Lane Ferrante has encountered extremely enthusiatic responses from whichever state her outreach effort has touched. There are events being planned, scheduled and set up in many states, as we speak. Of late, deer culling has spread across the land like wildfire, as does its folly (it does not work, except to fatten the pockets of the cullers). Through our organizing effort, we discovered that many activists from state to state have been fighting their own local losing battles without outside help, while others are just beginning to awaken to the unacceptable situation. (For those unfamiliar with the deer issue, just google "Deer Management".)

Speaking of awakening, it is more like a club in the head. I knew nothing about the problem last September while I was on my CARE-4 Tour, until I landed in Ohio, where the city of Solon spent $520,000 in 2004/2005 culling over 1,000 deer within city limits, i.e. in people's backyards, often right in front of neighboring children. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, as a result of which I am devoting 2007 in its entirety to the deer issue. Judging by the intensity of the responses to Lane's outreach, many other people in many states have had their own ton of bricks fall on them as well.

Our outreach effort has inadvertently, in fact inevitably, established the beginning of a very real and substantial multi-state National Deer Alliance, which I believe will be immensely powerful.

Given the potential of confrontation on this tour, we have decided that all its events be video documented, then eventually edited into a dynamic Deer Campaign TV/video documentary.

Here, I have a request to make. But before I make it, I want to point out that in my previous hundreds of emails in the name of HOPE, I have always written only on the issue and the campaigns and asked for action, never once for donations (which explains HOPE's perputual state pf poverty). But to properly equip this project, including the purchase of a high definition video camera and a more reliable vehicle, I have to break this rule.

Please make a donation to this project.

Here is another rule, one I have never broken, and will never break. Every cent of any donation, even in the form of a "salary", are spent on HOPE projects, whose workers are all volunteers, I myself included. Unlike certain large organizations whose overhead approximates 50%, the overhead of HOPE is an absolute zero. The donations do cover my food, but I am a biological machine of HOPE and, like the car, need the fuel.

Please send donation checks to:

Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
4118 West 11th Ave., Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada V6R 2L6.

For the deer,

Anthony Marr, founder

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