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Stop Killing Deer
US Wildlife Alliance / National Deer Alliance - invitation to join

Dear deer activists of the US:

How've you been since our last event?

Since then, I've acquired a brand new passion - deer. I knew nothing about it when I started my last tour (the 4th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition or CARE-4), but once I hit Ohio, I was blown away by the carnage in urbania and suburbanian in terms of deer culling, by means of bow hunting and captive-bolting, the cruelty of which makes the third method - sharpshooting - seem downright humane, which of course it is not.

And now, within just the few months, the killing is spreading across the land like wildlife, especially from the US NE due west and southwest. For the first time, for example, deer shooting was conducted on the campus of an American university - the U of Iowa.

The following excerpt is from an article from the media of Toledo, Michigan:

"The state agency estimates more than double the number of deer are in the southern half of the lower peninsula - 868,000 - than there are in all of Michigan's upper peninsula.

"While that's good news for local hunters, it's left state wildlife officials wondering how best to cull the southern herd down by about 300,000 while keeping the rest of the state's deer population at or near current numbers.

"Officials from the Michigan DNR have planned a series of meetings next month to collect comments from the public before establishing new deer-population goals. The meetings will be conducted in each of the eight Wildlife Management units in Michigan, including the southeast unit, which includes Monroe County, and the south-central unit, which includes Lenawee and Hillsdale counties."

Obvious, it is a big issue in southern Michigan, and should affect most if not all of the southern-Michigan cities. And future public meeting will certainly be coming forth. The public should know what they are talking about when they show up to speak, if they do, and if they don't, it would be due to a lack of awareness of the problem and/or an absence of a non-lethal solution in their minds. And Michigan is not the only state with emerging deer problems met with the primitive lethal solution.

We would like to stop the trend, then reverse it. My own contribution consists of:

1. to create a website for the deer (see www.DeerOptions.com and the deer section of www.HOPE-CARE.org) featuring a comprehensive Integrated Non-Violent Human-Deer Co-Existence Strategy,

2. create a new humane deer relocation technology called the Deer Auto-Conveyor (DAC), and

3. do a CARE-5 Deer Tour through the states with deer problems and lethal solutions.

So far that I've seen, the voters of a states or city are resigned to the lethal methods because they do not have a vision of their own that could displace them. The Integrated Non-Violent Human Deer Co-Existence Strategy is my vision, which I would like to share with the people of all states.

Through the dedicated organizing effort of Lane Ferrante of Ohio, she has inadvertently begun to form what has now been named the US Wildlife Alliance. Originally, I called it the National Deer Alliance. But the activists in PA, who are hosting events for the Deer Tour, have formed their local PA Wildlife Alliance, and suggested that I name the national umbrella body the US Wildlife Alliance, and I have agreed.

Up to this point, I've seen the activists of individual cities each fighting their own mostly losing battles, without much awareness of what is happening elsewhere. The U.S. Wildlife Alliance will serve as an information clearinghouse, a coordinating system, and a support system for local activists and grassroots groups.

The U.S. Wildlife Alliance, whose main focus at present is deer, have already acquired member groups in many states, including IL, MD, MT, NJ, NY, OH and PA, which are organizing local events for the Deer Tour. Ultimately, we'd like at least one member group in every state.

Optimally, in any city or any state, I'd like to do a Deer Seminar (3 hours - lecture + workshop), to present to the public the Integrated Non-Violent Human-Deer Co-Existence Strategy involving new technologies such as the Deer Auto-Conveyor (DAC - see deer section of www.HOPE-CARE.org) that can displace the lethal solutions, regardless of whether the city has a deer-culling problem yet or not.

Lane will be happy to work with you and help you organize your local event.

I hope that, in view of deer mass-slaughter being a nation-wide problem, you will agree that it requires a nation-wide solution. Any local alliance member with any deer campaign will have the weight of the US Wildlife Alliance / National Deer Alliance behind it.

I hope to see you again on the CARE-5 Deer Tour.


Deer Tour itinerary:

CA 2007-07-15 - 2007-07-25
(AR Conference July 19-23 - www.ARConference.org)
NV 2007-07-26
UT 2007-07-27
MT 2007-07-29 (mule deer)
States with White-tailed deer below:
ND 2007-08-01
MN 2007-08-02
IA 2007-08-06
WI 2007-08-08
IL 2007-08-12
IN 2007-08-16
MI 2007-08-20
OH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
NJ 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
PA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
DE 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
NY 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
CT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
RI 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
MA 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
NH 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
VT 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
WV 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
MD 2007-08-24 - 2007-10-31
VA 2007-11-01
NC 2007-11-05
SC 2007-11-09
GA 2007-11-12
TN 2007-11-16
AR 2007-11-20
TX 2007-11-23

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