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Stop Killing Deer
Anthony Marr challenges hunters-cullers to televised debates on Deer Tour

From: Lane Ferrante,
project coordinator and events scheduler
5th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-5, or Deer Tour)

To: All who oppose sport hunting and urban/suburban deer culling as means of "deer management" or "deer population control".

You may know about Anthony Marr's upcoming CARE-5, or Deer Tour, July 13 - December 1, 2007, focused on the Nonviolent Integrated Human-Deer Coexistence Strategy

He intends to challenge the leading hunters and cullers of various communities to public televised debates in a university hall setting, "1-on-1" or "1-against-100", doesn't matter".

Anthony believes that this will generate dramatically more public interest as well as media coverage. "The more heated the confrontation, the more page A1 of an article we're going to get".  And he has the history to back this up, and the experience to make it work as intended (see the blogs titled "Biggest Anti-Hunter vs Sport Hunter Showdown in History" and "How to Confront 100 Hunters At Once and Win").
In at least one of the communities on the Deer Tour, Anthony Marr intends to pin down Anthony DeNicola in the public debate arena.
If you are organizing a Deer Tour event, or intends to host one, you might find this idea exciting and efficacious as the main drive of your event.  If we do the media releases and follow-up phone calls right, we should have good media coverage, and halls full of hunters.
In 1996, the 25,000-members-strong Western Canada Wilderness Committee, hosted the Anti-Bear-Hunting Referendum Campaign in which Anthony Marr conducted a 60-day, 50-community, anti-hunting debating tour throughout the vast province of British Columbia, and debated hunters (up to 120 at a time) at least 45 times, and generated 150 newspaper articles.  Paul George, the founder and head of the WCWC, wrote in his new book Big Trees, Not Big Stumps, "Anthony Marr was fearless... could not be intimidated... actually seemed to thrive on confrontation... his blunt unflappable style infuriated the opposition...
Why not unleash Anthony Marr on the hunters-cullers of the USA?  If you know of a local villain you would like defeated in public, here's your chance.  The next such opportunity may not come again in a century, if ever.
I look forward to organizing with you a string of debates from coast to coast.
Lane Ferrante
project coordinator and events scheduler
5th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-5 or Deer Tour)

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