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Stop Killing Deer
Stop Killing Deer
Shame on California for planning bow-hunting of deer by children in Placer County

by Anthony Marr

Will anyone forward this to the "Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger please?

California is about to conduct a state-wide draw for 25 youth-hunters ages 12-17 to each kill one deer in Placer County with bow-and-arrow. The excuse, as usual for other deer-slaughtering states, is deer "over-population".

Here are the facts of such urban deer "culling":

1. IF there is an "overpopulation" problem in an urban area, more often than not it is created by hunters and the (always) prohunting governments. This could be inadvertent where urban areas go, but it is a result of a deliberate act to boost deer population throughout the country by some 20 million for hunting purposes. To begin with, statisitics guarantees that some 200 humans WILL be killed in deer-vehicle "accidents", and the hunters and pro-hunting government know it, or should know it. "Accidents" is in quotations because it is deliberately caused, and the entire deer population boosting for hunting purposes is tantamount to FIRST DEGREE MURDER.

2.The boosting of deer population is accomplished by "food plots", public and private (of hunters), to create an overabundance of food for deer, which would maximize their reproductive rate. IF there is an overabundance of deer in the wild, some will enter urban areas and increase the population there. I repeat, this is a situation deliberately created by the hunters for hunting purposes.

3. "Culling" does not work. It is more than neutralized by a natural phenomenon called the "Compensatory Rebound Effect". When food become scarce, deer would naturally curtail their reproductive rate down to no fawn or single fawn. When food is plentiful, their reproductive rate would increase to twins and triplets. The ideal is a marginal "over-population" so that the reproductive rate is kept low and the population remains stable in the long term. If a significant portion of the population is culled to below carrying capacity, what is accomplished is the raising of the reproductive rate to the point when the next year WILL show a higher "overpopulation".

4. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE HUNTERS WANT!!! To create the problem in the community, then offer themselves as saviors of the community, and the uninformed citizens who have lost some tulips to deer browsing would welcome them with open arms, without realizing that the prime motive of the hunters is to deviously force their way into the community for hunting purposes.

5. Because of the Compensatory Rebound Effect, once the killing starts, it will never end. Culling as a "solution" to deer "overpopulation" is self-perpetuating. Once bow-hunters are allowed into an urban community, they will perpetrate the "problem", and you can never get rid of them.

Facts about bow-hunting:

1. Most adult bow-hunters use high powered compound bows with draw weights upwards of 70-pounds and arrow velocities around 300-ft/sec. Even so, the accuracy range is only about 30 yards. Statistics gathered since the 1970s show that the non-lethal wounding rate of bow-hunting is around 50%, and that to kill one deer, an average of 17 arrows would have been shot, most hitting non-vital parts of the deer (anywhere but the chest), or missing altogether.

2. A 12-year-old child may be able to handle a bow of only 20-30 pounds draw-weight, with an accuracy range of only about 10-15 yards, and very low arrow speeds . With such equipment, the non-lethal wounding rate would skyrocket to easily 75%. In other words, to kill 10 deer, they would need to shoot and hit 40 deer. To kill the targeted 25 deer by such child hunters, they may hit and wound upwards of 100 deer.

3. As if #2 is not bad enough, these chosen juvenile bow-hunters do not need licenses to shoot deer in Placer county. This means that they have never been officially tested for archery skill.

All in all, I predict that if this hunt goes ahead, there will be arrow-wounded deer by the dozens staggering around in Placer County when the hunt is over.

Are the citizens or government Placer County willing and prepared to make this a common sight, and clean-up after these blood-thirsty children? Are Californians and their government willing to bear this black mark on their name?

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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