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Save the Dolphins

Save the Dolphins
Another demonstration of dolphin benevolence

18 Jan 2007

Dolphins never fail to amaze me.

If dolphins "farm" Humpback whales, that would be like a human rancher caring for his "livestock", with a self-serving motive. But dolphins derive nothing from the Humpback as far as I know. If anything, they might be considered food-competitors. So, this is an act of pure benevolence on the part of the dolphins.


from www.BlueVoice.org

Dolphins Save Humpback Calf

Reported from Costa Rica. An observer on a cliff saw a humpback mother giving birth to a calf. The mother flailed around a long time and appeared in distress but eventually the baby was born. The mother was so exhausted she could not attend to her newborn. Suddenly five dolphins appeared and nudged the baby toward the mother, then helped it stay next to her for half an hour until the mother was strong enough to resume care of her infant.

The United Nations has declared 2007 to be the Year of the Dolphin and will conduct worldwide awareness programs related to the plight of dolphins. The Year of the Dolphin is a part of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. The campaign will work towards meeting targets to reduce the loss of wildlife by 2010 which all governments have agreed through the UN.

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