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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 04


  • Mr. Marrís presentation was on the conservation of not only tigers, but also the habit of India for them and habitat for endangered species around the world. Out of the original 8 sub-species of tiger only five and most likely four still exist today. Also, the habitat of India is being depleted.
  • It is being depleted due to logging that the inhabitants are doing on an everyday basis. Also, the numerous cattle and goats that populate India overgraze. These two elements combined are turning India into a desert.
  • Mr. Marr goes into India and teaches the locals conservationism. Within this he not only tells them about the harm of poaching tigers, but also about alternative-energy sources. This is key because they will no long have a need to cut down as much wood thus leaving more habitat for the tigers.


What Mr. Marr is doing with his life is an extraordinary thing. Not only the fact that he goes to India to teach the villagers about the situation, but he recognizes he can only do this type of work for so long, and he needs to start a new generation of conservationists. Once he is done doing his work, someone will need to step in his shoe and continue it, because if they donít, then many species will be gone forever. He not only is cultivating a new generation of tiger conservationists, but one of endangered species conservationists in general. The tiger is just one of hundreds of animals in its same peril.

Mr. Marr realizes that if he were to go to India and just tell the people to stop poaching tigers, they would not listen to him. He acknowledges that he must teach them an alternative way to making ends meet. He also does not want the inhabitants to become dependent on others for the alternative sources of energy so he teaches them how to not only use the other sources of energy, but how to create them. Cooking food in a box might be a crude way of doing it, but if that can then be reproduced on a larger scale instead of burning up wood or coal the whole world would be better of doing it.

Mr. Marr and other conservationists do something that usually goes totally unappreciated in the rest of the world. If it was not for them some of the animals that are still around today might not be here. Or perhaps, some of the animals might be here today will be gone tomorrow of conservationists donít get the support needed. Itís hard to imagine a world without some of its greatest animals such as the bald eagle, pandas, leopards, wolves, and the Bengal tiger.

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