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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 09


  • The wild tigers are an endangered species and are close to being extinct. People in Asia kill them to make products to sell. Today, there are only five of the eight left.
  • India is the country that contains the most tigers, which are the Bengal tigers. If no precautions are taken, the tigers there will soon be gone. India is becoming a desert, and there is not much of the forest area left.
  • The habitat for the tigers is disappearing for the need of humans. Jungles are being cleared out to graze more cows for humans to eat. All animals in the wild end up being killed, eaten, or starved to death,


Anthony Marr from the HOPE Foundation’s main point was the wild tigers. He believes that something must be done to keep these animals alive. "If we let this go, life will be less beautiful and worth less living," Anthony Marr quoted. The money that he receives as a conservationist is donated to help out the endangered species. He makes many trips to India to help them find other solutions to their problems. If the people living in India keep living the way they’ve done, India will soon become a desert. Changes need to be made and people need to adapt to these changes.

I agree with Anthony’s beliefs. Even if tigers are bred, it does not make a difference, because they cannot survive on their own. No matter what humans do, it still will not change the fact that one of God’s creations is becoming destroyed. No animals should be killed for the purpose of human needs. It is not necessary to kill tigers to sell products and make money because of silly beliefs that of they eat this then something will happen. There are so many alternatives. Humans need food, but they do not have to consume so much meat. Every time they eat meat, a precious animal is being killed. Animals do not kill us and eat us, then why should we do the same? More solutions need to be found and more people need to become more involved in saving the beauty of the world.

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