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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 19


  • One of the most shocking things that Anthony Marr told us was that there are approx. 35 million cows killed per year for the food industry. He said that if you lined that many cows up from Los Angeles to New York 16 times, that would be a visual of just how many cows that is.
  • His main focus was obviously on the Bengal tiger and the conservation needed to save the tigers. He said, "the Bengal tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on this planet." But his focus wasnít just that, it was about endangered species all over the world. He was looking for the next generation of conservationists to take over what he and about 60 other people have been doing for years.
  • He also gave us some numbers to think about and some ways to put into perspective what a huge on going problem this is.
  • He said that there were only 150 to 200 Siberian tigers left in the wild.
  • For one bullet there are three tigers killed because of the dependency between the cubs and their mother.
  • In 1900 there were nearly 100,000 tigers in India compared to the 2,000 that are left today.
  • The most shocking was that there were only 10 South China tigers left in the wild, possible zero, and just 30-40 in captivity.


Anthony Marr was very knowledgeable on the subject he was talking about and he obviously had a passion for what he did. I think that his research and his dedication to the program of conservation is a huge thing. He seems to have a way with these animals that he interacts with, not only the tiger but also the elephant story he talked about. I agree with him that something must be done, itís apparent that whatís going on in the world isnít right. I just never really thought about a world without tigers. To us, itís something unimaginable because the only time weíve really ever seen them is at the zoo. It is terribly sad how greedy the world can get as he mentioned about why tigers are killed. He said that people in western civilization want the fur for status, whereas the people of eastern civilization want the bones of the tiger for medicine. Mr. Marr presented factual information with personal experience very well. Although at times it seemed like he was all over the place, he did seem to connect it all back to his main views and beliefs.

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