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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 30


  • The tiger species was considered doomed in 1993, and endangered species conservation efforts have attempted to stop the decline in the number of tigers. "If we canít save even the tiger, what can we save?"
  • Saving one species isnít realistic, we must save an entire ecosystem. The decline in population of certain species affects the entire ecosystem.
  • To effect social change, external pressure is more powerful than internal pressure. Conservation of ecosystems needs money and international recognition more than anything.
  • The US uses resources from countries who are destroying their resources, all to support us. The US and other western countries must strengthen and enforce laws regarding the ban of the importation of animal substances and products.


Anthony Marrís presentation of the HOPE organization and its concerns was eye-opening and well-prepared. The presentation began with an interesting and concerning topic: the decline in Bengal tiger population.

Mr. Marr continued the presentation by connecting the tiger population decline to Eastern and Western culture, concerns about ecosystems, questions of economies, discussions of unchecked population and possible solutions to all these problems. He successfully kept the audience engaged by relating all of the foreign topics back to Western culture, or United States politics. The practical solutions were well presented and well planned. His statement that external pressure is more powerful than internal pressure on the government" showed how Western culture and politics influenced world-wide decisions. The presentation was filled with interesting facts and observations as well.

The discussion of the destruction of ecosystems, deforestation and overgrazing became alarming after Mr. Marr informed us that these actions caused six billion tons of soil to be washed into the ocean. The observation that the "symptoms" in the Eastern countries may cause a severe famine was also very alarming. Mr. Marr was very well prepared, though, and was quick to offer solutions that were very practical. Solutions such as providing the struggling villagers with alternative fuel sources were very surprising, but also very pragmatic. In addition, rather than attacking the problems of Western culture, Mr. Marr presented advice as to how we could help, even invited us to travel to India with him. Throughout the presentation, the slides showed first hand how tragic the spreading of desert areas was, how awful some of the living conditions were, and how the animal by-products were used throughout the world.

Anthony Marr successfully connected the depletion of the tiger population to current global issues that we can prevent. His passion throughout the presentation was clearly shown, and his practical solutions were offered as suggestions rather than attacks. The presentation was once that clearly worried many students, but the integration of facts and solutions allowed it to be a very successful production.

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