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Educational Outreach: Secondary (High) Schools and Universities
Feedback from the students of Worthington Kilbourne High School, Columbus, Ohio - September 28, 2006

Student - 33


  • International pressure can help to bring about change. Mr. Marr made this apparent when he spoke about the plight of the tigers.
  • He explained that mass amounts of dollars could be made by killing a tiger and then chopping it up and selling the parts to be processed into some kind of product. These products were contraband because they were made from an endangered species, but countries such as the United States and Canada did not seriously enforce the laws against them. Mr. Marr was able to bring attention to this and apply pressure in order to get results.
  • Everyone has a voice, and anyone can help make a difference. Mr. Marr believes that even teenagers have the ability to make ourselves heard and can help. He mentioned that the main purpose of his tour is to inspire a younger generation, and hopefully help to create more wildlife conservationists. Mr. Marr also brought up using the media, and how without it, a cause basically goes unknown, but with it can be brought to the attention of the masses.
  • Practical alternatives must be given in order to help end a problem. In India, the tigers, and countless other animals, are in danger because their habitat is being destroyed slowly by deforestation and overgrazing. He showed slides of himself and volunteers helping local villagers by showing them how to use other sources besides wood.


I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Marrís presentation, and seeing the passion he has for not only tigers, but for the entire world. He wants this planet to be a better place and offers solutions to some of these problems. I had no idea that there had been 8 subspecies of tigers, and that now there are only 5 and they are slowly becoming extinct as well.

Mr. Marr was very informative and didnít seem to blame any one group of country, he even pointed out that the people who are now poaching these tigers are doing it because they have no other ways of making that kind of money. What I really loved, though, was his dedication to the idea that anyone can help make a difference. He told our classes that we have a voice and that if we use it, we can do something. I knew that deforestation and overgrazing are issues in many African countries, but I wasnít actually aware of the severity of these conditions in India, and seeing how Mr. Marr and other volunteers are helping to end the destruction of the tigerís habitat and also helping people in those areas to live better lives, was very inspirational. Seeing his slides and hearing him speak of the progress they were making, made me want to volunteer myself.

I completely agree with Mr. Marrís message and beliefs, and while Iíve always supporte4d conservation efforts, his presentation made me want to actually go to these places and try to make a difference in this world.

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