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The First Critical Symptom






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Homo Sapiens of Earth




A friend from the Cosmos



Beware, Homo Sapiens of Earth,

beware of her Six Critical Symptoms

which are all observable from space,

and which have all recently arisen.


For millions of years,

Earth's night side has mostly been pitch black,

but now, behold, there is light - artificial light

- the First Critical Symptom.


For millions of years,

Earth's air has been clean and her water

clear, but now, there is toxic pollution -

- the Second Critical Symptom.


For millions of years,

Earth's tropical forests have thrived unscathed,

but now, there is clear-cut and slash-and-burn

- the Third Critical Symptom.


For millions of years,

Earth has never been a radio source,

but now, she is emitting voluminously

- the Fourth Critical Symptom.


For millions of years,

Earth's had no nuclear detonation,

but now, there's been thousands

- the Fifth Critical Symptom.


For millions of years,

no Earth's atom has escaped her gravity,

but now, spacecraft escapement is common

- the Sixth Critical Symptom.


Together, these Six Critical Symptoms

portend a global transformation to come,

the imminent hatching of Cosmic Egg Earth,

or its failure in doing so









 young flat earth




ancient cosmic egg


For a million years, genus Homo

has believed that Earth was flat, just a few

centuries old, covered by a sky-dome through

whose pin-holes heavenly light shone as stars.


But since the burning of Bruno at the stake, and

the discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, Newton,

Darwin, Einstein... not only is Earth now seen

as ancient and round, but as a cosmic egg.


A failed cosmic egg's a dead cosmic egg,

and it will die in one or both of two ways. 

The fast way is a global nuclear holocaust;

the slow way is by the Six Planetary Diseases.





These are ailments of the planet itself: fever

(global warming), cancer (population explosion),

AIDS (ozone depletion), poisoning (toxic pollution),

wasting disease (biomass loss), exhaustion (energy).


For Earth to succeed, the currently conflicting nations

in the Planetary Embryo (the multileveled Biosphere)

must integratively transcend into the single, global,

internally harmonized Planetary Organism Earth.


How long?  A cosmic split second, but humanly,

generations.  No military on the national level; the

diseases will all have been cured, imagine, and the

planet itself healed..  That's how long.  So let's roll now.








Apocalyptic Armageddon


Integrative Transcendence



To see the future, look into the past.  13.7 billion years ago,
the atoms materialized spontaneously, initially of hydrogen and helium,
which later gave rise to the other elements by nucleosynthesis in the interior of stars.
4.6 billion years ago, the Sun was born, for incubating and nurturing its Planetary Egg Earth.
With time, Earth's molecules evolved, giving rise to inter-molecular sociality,
where social molecules integrated into an inter-molecular society.
3.3 billion years ago, the most advanced of inter-molecular societies
transcended into becoming a multi-molecular Cellular Organism.
With time, Earth's cells evolved, giving rise to inter-cellular sociality,
where social cells integrated into an inter-cellular society.
0.7 billion years ago, the most advanced of inter-cellular societies
transcended into becoming a multi-cellular Metabion Organism.
With time, Earth's metabions evolved, giving rise to inter-metabion sociality,
where social metabions integrated into an inter-metabion society.
0.2 billion years ago, the most advanced of inter-metabion societies
transcended into becoming a multi-metabion Citian Organism.
With time, Earth's cities evolved, giving rise to inter-city sociality,
where social cities integrated into an inter-city society.
10,000 years ago, or earlier, the most advanced of inter-city societies
transcended into becoming a multi-city National Organism.
With time, Earth's nations have been evolving, giving rise to international sociality,
where social nations strive to integrate into an international society.
And when the due time comes, the most advanced form of international society
will transcend into become the internally harmonized multi-national Planetary Organism Earth.


And with time, the I.T. Spirals of transcended planets will unfold and

interweave in interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic space, until, ultimately,

the Universe itself integratively transcends into the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent

Universal Organism, which nonetheless will be our unsupernatural creation.









What critics say about


Anthony Marr's


  Omniscientific Cosmology 




University of

British Columbia


Geology and Oceanography,

Dr. R.L. Chase: “…a brave

attempt to give us a new,

science-based philosophy,

with the aim of giving

humankind a common

purpose… stimulating...”


Biology, Dr. Ian McTaggart-

Cowan: “… seriousness of

purpose… intellectual

capacity… forthright…

thoughtful... important…

unusually talented and

discipline… dedicated...”


Evolutionary Biology, Dr.

G.G.E. Scudder: “… logical

and thorough… original and

well founded… clearly

dedicated and talented…”


Astronomy and Geophysics,

Dr. T.K. Menon: “… highly

impressed… no question in

my mind about the need to

have his ideas widely



Biology, Dr. Lee Gass: “…

seriousness of purpose…

strength of commitment…

intellectual solidity and

honesty… a degree of

intellectual discipline

that is rare even among

professional scholars…

I have no doubt that he

has dedicated his life

to this project…”


Physical Anthropology, Dr.

Braxton M. Alfred: “… Mr.

Marr’s effort is in the

tradition of 19th Century

scholarship, but is based

solidly on 20th Century

science. There is simply

no modern parallel for

his accomplishment. / His

system is extraordinarily

ambitious… yet successful

… a truly a grand scheme…

He speaks with the power

and confidence of one

who totally commands

the material... Mr. Marr’s

product is in every way

superior to any of the

Ph.D. degrees this

department has awarded

in the twenty years

of my appointment.  It is

characterized by careful,

thoughtful attention and

rigorous development. I

recommend it, and him,

without qualification.”




Geology, Dr. W.R. Evitt:

“… sincerity, imagination,

intellectualism and

scholarship… an immensely

logical construct… meticulously

thoughtout… majestic in

scope but intrinsically

simple, satisfying and

optimistic… should have a

very broad appeal… these

are important ideas with

great potential for

lessening the conflicts in

a troubled world…”


Sociology, Dr. Alex

Inkeles: “… impress me

not only with the quality

of his presentation, but

also the quality of his

thinking… authoritative…




Philosophy, Dr. John

Dupre: “… extremely

intriguing and provocative…

incomparably more

edifying than the vast

majority of such attempts…”


Anthropology, Dr. John

W. Rick: “… very

thought provoking…

clearly deserves extensive

discussion… a serious,

well-founded vision…”


Physics, Dr. Leonard

Susskind: “… I found

myself stimulated,

educated… worth listen-

ing to, even for those of us

who are not of the same

philosophical bent…”


Philosophy, Dr. John

Bogart: “… compelling…

have moral import…”


Applied Physics and

Astrophysics, Dr. Vahe

Petrosian: “… elaborate…

clearly well thought out

and researched…

fascinating… a very

ambitious task… a

beautiful synthesis…

captivating… should be

of interest not only to

experts but to all thinking

people of the world…”

University of


at Berkeley



Dr. Tim White:

“… Anthony Marr’s OMNI-

SCIENCE is formidable…”


Astronomy and Physics,

Dr. Marc Davis: “… a

forward looking moral

framework… an important

contribution to society…”


Paleontology, Dr. Carole S.

Hickman: “… an

extraordinary intellectual

undertaking… unique…

intellectually and

aesthetically stimulating…

a bold and eclectic piece

of scholarship…

exceptional… a delight…

optimism, concern and

compassion for humanity…”


Botany, Dr. Herbert G. Baker:

“… extremely

interesting… an important

contribution towards

understanding cosmology.”


Paleontology, Dr. Donald E.

Savage: “… powerful…

erudite synthesis...”


Zoology, Dr. Richard C.

Strohman: “… original… a

thoroughly logical system

… might indeed fill a large

gap in the way we think...”


Biology, Dr. Richard W.

Holm: “… a remarkable

broad perspective… great

depth... truly deserves the




Institute of

Human Origins

Dr. William H. Kimbel,

President: “… a profound

contribution to the

fundamental definition of

humankind in relation to

the broader universe...

unifies the fragmented

Western scientific

disciplines… implications

of great depth and breadth

for the future course of

human actions… too

important to ignore."

University of



Astronomy, Dr. Woodruff T.

Sullivan: “… gives promise

to lead to further insight…”


Medicine, Biomedical History,

Dr. Keith R. Benson:“…

creative, highly synthetic,

scientifically sound and

eclectic, and extremely




Geology, Dr. Stephen C. Porter:

“… enlightening… a keen

sense of scholarship…

thought provoking…

original… engaging....”


Ecology, Sociobiology, Dr.

Gordon H. Orians: “… deep

thinking and widely read…

thorough and accurate… a

futuristic perspective,

offering hope at a time when

so many of us feel a deep

sense of despair...”



University of



Ecology, Dr. John Burket: “…

instilled in me the kind of

wondered awe that arises

when previously nebulous

thoughts, ideas and feelings

suddenly crystallized into a

framework of order… the

germ of a new worldview…

the clarity and logical order

of this system gives an

immediate sense of

recognition of ones place

in the scheme of existence

… one can see from this

philosophy how the future

of our planet can be seen in

terms of undeniable purpose

and hope, a state of mind so

lacking in these times… an

idea whose time has come.”


Geology, Dr. Greg Retallack:

“… fascinating and thought

provoking… superior to those

already available… Anthony

Marr is a hard-headed thinker

in the best scientific tradition.

He deserves serious attention.”


Biology, Dr. Dennis Todd: “…

a new theoretical framework…

breadth of knowledge…

seriousness of intellectual

pursuit… keenness of insight...

meaningful and coherent…

masterly and cogent..."



*     *     *     *     *











Human history used to be one of city-states, where each city-state organism consisted of a single nuclear city, usually fortified and heavily defended - heavily defended, that is, against other single-city-states.  But there came a point in history when the city-organisms in each other's vicinity found it more beneficial for all concerned to integrate into inter-city societies, the more advanced of which would transcend into national organisms.  The point to note here is that the cities within the same nation no longer needed inter-city defense, and protection of the realm moved up to the level of the nation against external threat.  On this level, it is international defense


On the personal level, recall the Wild West, where everyone was armed against everyone else - at which time inter-metabion defense was the order of the day as contrasted against today, when citizens walk in crowded streets, unarmed, unmolested and unafraid, in both cases not sparing a thought that inside the body of everyone in a street, gun-slingers and by-standers alike, is a highly integrated and transcended cellular society, where the cells live in perfect harmony and need no mutual defense, as opposed to the lawless, amoeba-eat-amoeba world of non-social cells, where inter-cellular defense is very much needed..  


Human history today is one of nations, where each national organism consists of multiple specialized-cooperative social-city-organisms.  But whereas the cities of the same nations live in trust, peace and harmony, the nations themselves relate to each other in suspicion, hostility, discord and violence.  But while they struggle along shortsightedly, in trial and error, without a blue print, without a master-plan, the nations, almost by instinct, have already developed the rudiments of a global international society, which could integratively transcend into a single planetary organism.  In a planetary organism, the specialized-cooperative nations no longer need nation-level military forces against the military forces of other nations.  Defense of the realm would have been moved up to the level of the planetary organism - a planetary defense force against external threats, such as asteroids, or potential but improbable alien invasions. 


The way to peace on all levels is the very universal I.T. - Integrative Transcendence.  It was the way we were created, and the way we will create.  And so will it be the way for the nations to achieve world peace.

Since the integrative transcendence of Planetary Organism Earth implies the total absence of the military on the national level, the global disarmament movement has been on the right track all along.  Now is the time to re-energize, rejuvenate and re-strategize this movement.


It is not just disarmament for disarmament's sake.  It is to free two birds with one key.  Today, the nations are collectively expending $1 trillion a year on their national-level military.  At the same time, the planet has a high medical bill to pay - in terms of the Six Planetary Diseases - and seems destitute in this regard.  Reduce the global arms expenditure by, say 10%, and $100 billion would be liberated for such needed projects as environmental repair, endangered species preservation, renewable energy technology R & D, medical research, space exploration, etc.  If all nations agree to reduce their own military budget by 10% of their existing levels, there would be no relative diminishing of strength nor disturbance in the power balance.  The world, however, would be a safer place, and a better place if soldiers fight, say, poachers, instead of other soldiers.  A U.N.-level agency of course will have to be created for the management of the funds thus released for peaceful purposes.  The various militaries and arms merchants and those with military conquest ambitions would be against it, but the vast majority of all peoples of the world would be in favor of it. 


In view of this, Anthony Marr - wildlife preservationist, environmental campaigner, evolutionary theorist, animal rights activist... - will embark on a global odyssey in pursuit of this quest.  The Western U.S. segment will occur March 17 - May 11.  He will  meet with leading peace groups enroute.


When Anthony Marr enters a city, he will make a general presentation of his plans, hold a post-speech strategizing discussion with the groups present, and build a global disarmament coalition.  He has conducted similar campaign-lecture tours on animal rights issues, the longest one being in 2003/2004, when he toured 40 states in 7 months (see  On these tours, Anthony Marr received generous support and hosting from local groups.  On this global disarmament tour, likewise. 


Please offer your support for this endeavor, and host a speaking event for Anthony Marr in your city.  Contact 604-222-1169, [email protected]





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