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Letter to Prime Minister Harper - Please fire Loyola Hearn to restore Canadian honour
6 September 2006

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

As you must by now be aware, Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn has disgraced Canada and cheapened the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers in the two World Wars, in regards to his contemptible attempt to manipulate the Belgian government about its plan to ban the importation Canadian seal products.

Mr. Hearn has stirred up the hornet's nest. As we speak, thousands of letters from around the world are being written and sent to all the EU nations, inciting them to follow Belgium's lead. Italy has long since taken this step.

The least that the Canadian government can do at this point is to fire this broadly revile man and restore Canada to a semblance of honor and dignity. Please take this decisive step, or all Canadians, at home and abroad, yourself included, will have to bear his shame.


Anthony Marr
Vancouver, BC

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