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Brazil Approves Deforestation of Important Amazon Reserve

28 January 2007

Fellow AR activists:

I know some draw a thick line between AR and Environmentalism, but it is a broken line at best. Note below that one of the reasons for deforesting the Amazon is to expand cattle ranching, which in turn is sustained and promoted by North America's appetite for beef. This makes it our business.

The saddest part of this is that tropical rainforest soil is poor and thin, and tropical downpours are heavy (for now). Fertility lasts two or three years, followed by desertification, and the cattle barons will need to cut more forest. Of course it is the cattle barons who are the puppet masters, and the politicians the puppets. If the Amazon - the "lungs of the world" - becomes desert, our children and the animals might suffocate. And along with it will go one third of the world's plant and animal species. This again makes it our business.

Please do what you can to reverse this disastrous decision.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

ACTION ALERT Please forward widely!

Brazil Approves Deforestation of Important Amazon Reserve

Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
January 25, 2007

The strength and permanence of protected status for ancient
rainforests under Brazilian law is at stake

The State Government of Mato Grosso, Brazil, has voted to
drastically reduce one of the Amazon's most biodiverse reserves.
What is at stake is the strength and permanence of protected
status for ancient rainforests under Brazilian law. The
Cristalino State Park is a world-renowned ecotourism
destination, whose 184,000 hectares are home to over 550 species
of birds, and protects endangered species like the white-
whiskered spider monkey. Some 27,000 hectares of its forest will
now lose protected status; becoming vulnerable to logging,
cattle ranching and agribusiness. State Governor Blairo Maggi
initially vetoed the reduction of the park on the grounds that
it would "be seen as endorsing illegal occupancy and
deforestation of public lands", and that it would suggest
Brazilian environmental law can be flouted. The veto was short-
lived, however, as members of the Mato Grosso House of
Representatives immediately overturned it. Mato Grosso has
suffered the highest rate of deforestation in the Brazilian
Amazon and yet it looks like the State Government is
manipulating this particular situation for political gain.
Please contact key players in Brazil's Federal and State
governments, and let them know that removal of protected status
so easily from preserved Amazonian ancient rainforests is simply


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