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Letter to UK Parliament regarding CDN Fisheries Minister's statement on the seal hunt

To:  The Prime Minister and House of Commons of the United Kingdom
Dear Prime Minister and Members of Parliament:
Regarding the following CNN Matthews report on what the Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said about how humane the Canadian seal hunt is, I am writing to relay something else his department said last year.
During the 2006 seal hunt, we released to media that independent studies, conducted mostly by veterinarians, attested that over 10%, in one case up to 42%, of the 300,000+ young seals massacred each year were killed inhumanely, including being skinned alive.  The Department of Fisheries and Oceans countered that according to their only study, "only" 2% were killed inhumanely.
Even 2% of 325,000 is 6,500. 
At one meter per seal, 6,500 seals in single file would line a road for over 6 km, or over 30 city blocks.  All 325,000 seals would line a highway for 325 km.  (Please see the "Terminate the Canadian Seal Massacre" webpage of www.HOPE-CARE.org for an outrageous quote from ex-minister John Efford.)
A few years ago, two Canadian "artists" tortured a cat to death and video-taped the act as art.  This generated a global fire storm of outrage, which put the two men in jail.  If we would not tolerate skinning a single cat alive, why should we give anything more than zero tolerance to skinning thousands of baby seals alive?
There is the argument that if the Canadian seal hunt is banned, then thousands of sealers would lose their livelihood.  Allow me to point out that sealing lasts only two weeks a year.  It is at best a very-part-time job, at worst a cruel hobby in which they are paid to indulge.
As a Canadian citizen I welcome any external observer to monitor the "hunt", especially at a time when the Canadian government is closing its doors to observers in general.  The first question is: What do they have to hide?  Even though it is predictable that the sealers would be on their best behaviour if forewarned, there would be nothing they could do to conceal the inherent inhumanity and cowardice in killing baby animals by the hundreds of thousands, often in front of their horrified mothers, for nothing more worthy than a fur coat or a seal penis.
The seals are having enough trouble as it is when Arctic sea-ice is being drastically reduced by global warming.  The entire polar ice cap may be melted within decades.  They do not need human help to hasten their possible eventual extinction. 
As a Canadian, I humbly ask the United Kingdom to ban all Canadian seal products, and further, to take a leading role towards a European-Union-wide ban.  I would consider it a favour on your part to help clean the Canadian reputation in the long run. 
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
4118 West 11th Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6R 2L6

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