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What a laughing baby teaches us

Laughing Baby video: www.MySpace.com/AnthonyMarr 

Just three days ago, if someone asked me what my first video in MySpace would likely be, I'd guess something like the scene of the dolphin slaughter in Futo, Japan, or a new footage of the Canadian seal massacre. But almost involuntarily, I uploaded the video of a laughing baby.

When I did so, I did not know why, except for that it put me instantly into a great mood. If you haven't yet. I would urge you to watch it now before reading on.

Now that I've had three days to think about it, I realize that I could not have made a better choice had I gone through 10,000 looking for the one.

In AR and environmentalism, the first lesson to learn is to 1, not become a misanthrope, and 2, maintain a sense of optimism. In a flash, this baby's delight, and light, illuminated the darkest corners of my psyche. His laughter seems to emerge from a bottomless well of humor, and humor is the food for optimism, and vice versa.

I had a beloved baby friend once upon a time. His name was Christopher. He personified innocence and optimism, a blank slate that could eventually be filled with beauty, joy and wisdom, or else ugliness, sorrow and corruption, as the case maybe. Neither would be of his own choosing, so in this sense, his innocence remains intact somewhere within him no matter what. I could not say to him, "I will hate you if you one day become a sealer." I could not tolerate the sense of hate when talking to Christopher as a baby, or to any baby. What I did say to Christopher-as-a-baby was, "I will love you no matter what you will become, even if I hate what you will do."

Nor could I say to baby Christopher, or any baby, "I wish that your species will become extinct in a flash, because it is the plague of the Earth," if only because it would kill him as well, among the millions of other innocent babies.

Of course, I cannot imagine him, or me, clubbing a baby to death, be it a baby human, or a baby seal.

I was once a baby, who says through me today, "We as a species have no choice but to make good, and we can, and I believe that we will. Why? Because those few humans ahead of their time will lead their species to enlightenment, integration and transcendence."


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