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There is a popular TV series on Discovery Channel called Myth Busters, and they do a good job in busting mostly trivial myths, such as whether an arrow can be split by another arrow a la Robinhood.  Unfortunately there are many monumental and epochal myths that cannot be busted by the simple shot of an arrow.  In fact, some of these myths have justified the shooting of millions of arrows, and bullets, and harpoons... into the living bodies of sentient and innocent beings, human and nonhuman alike.
Many atrocities that humans commit against non-human animals and other humans are justified by myths, human-created myths I might add, much of which being not only passively untrue, but blatantly false in the light of science, and severely misleading in forming industrial and governmental policies, some with tragic ramifications.
These animal myths are so prevalent that I'm sure you can name at least one given a moment's contemplation.  I don't need even to contemplate to come up with Animal Myths #1 & #2, because I pretty well live in the bloody mess created by it. 
AMB #1 is: "The seals eat cod.  More seals, fewer cod; fewer seals, more cod.  To protect the cod, we must kill the seals."
I actually doubt that most government biologists would/could be so simple-minded as to subscribe to this myth.  But it justifies the commercial seal hunt, so the "biostitutes" among them say that it is true.
I beg to differ, and my Aniaml-Myth-Buster #1 (AMB #1) has been presented in my previous blog titled "Scapegoated Seals Save Cod".
AMB #2 will be posted shortly.  And this myth is: "In deer management, even 'non-lethal' strategies must have a lethal component".  Justified by this myth, hunters, pro-hunters and lethal operators massacre deer in huge numbers from coast to coast.  The Ohio city of Solon, e.g., pop. 30,000, spent $520,000 to shoot 1,000 deer in 2004/2005; in 2006/2007, Solon was shooting again.  There are hundreds of Solons across the land, and hundreds of others in the process of becoming one. 
Stay tuned.
Anthony Marr, founder,
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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