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Lynx - perfect predator

Fellow ARAs:

This is not the first time I've written about wild predator re-introduction as a matter of ecological integrity and deer population control. I've mentioned the wolf and the cougar. These are effective deer predators, but they are intimidating on humans. I have for some reason overlooked the perfect predator - the Lynx - as have most North American conservationists.

Again, the UK, often the wellspring of new ideas, does it again. See the
following Telegraph report.

Now, I've come to see the Lynx, along with the coyote, as the perfect
predators in relation to deer population control, especially in the more
developed and populated states in the US northeast.

- The lynx is solitary, reclusive and unobstrusive.
- It is small (33-66 lb) and non-dangerous to and non-aggressive against
humans, and do not tend to enter cities.
- Its main prey, other than squirrels, are rabbits and deer. In the
absences of rabbits, its main prey would be deer.
- It does take the occasional goat or sheep, but the loss can easily and
inexpensively be compensated for.
- It does not kill cattle, so the cattle ranchers have no logical reason
for objection.
- In the wild, its territory ranges from 4 to 100 square miles. In
deer-dense areas, it would be about 4 sq. mi., meaning that they could
survive in small numbers in even borderline suburban habitats, where
suburban deer thrive.
- It has a bio-mechanism of auto-reproduction-control. When its prey
quantity declines, its own poluation also declines, and vice versa.
- It used to inhabit North America almost in its entirety merely centuries
ago, and now, there are only about 1,000 left in the United States.
- Its main population is in Canada.

Being Canadian , I could work towards a transfer of lynx from Canada into the United States. But the United States will first have to want it.

What I say is: If the UK can do it, the US can do it. If the UK does it
successfully, the US should do it.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)


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