Heal Our Planet Earth
A long term goal to remove a root cause of political evil

When George W. Bush was Texas governor, TX was the worst polluting states in the union by far, plus being one of the most hunted states, the reason being that he was the puppet of big oil, pharmaceuticals and other industrial interests, and orgs like Safari Club Intl and the National Wildlife Federation.

These powers then put him into the Whitehouse, but of course not unconditionally. Their intention was to make the entire US a big TX. Among the first things he did with presidential power was to insert a large number of ex-industrial-CEOs (the most among all cabinets in American history) into the Environmental Protection Agency and dismantle about 300 environmental laws established in previous administrations. And this was just the beginning.

As well, where hunting and culling are concerned, we know that most of the lower-level politicians and governmental executives, including governors, mayors, council members, Fish and Wildlife personnel, are in the pockets of the hunting industry and the NRA.

All in all, the root of all evils is the constitutional provision of campaign funding support for politicians by special interest lobbies. Therefore, it becomes obvious, at least to me, that the solution is to amend the Constitution to remove such a provision.

My vision is as follows:

1. All political-aspirants will go through a screening process based on objective criteria (to be determined) in order to qualify as a candidate.

2. All candidates will be provided with an equal and finite amount of campaigning funds by the government, to be used as they see fit.

3. Financial contributions by private and industrial interest are forbidden.


It may be argued that if they can’t do it overtly, they’d do it covertly. But at least that would be illegal, and candidates will of their own accord dig one another’s dirt to discover such unlawful dealings. And once dirt is dug up, the candidate will not only be disqualified, but legally penalized. I think no candidate would easily risk falling from grace for the extra financial advantage.

As to how this can be accomplished, the League of Humane Voters would be a good place to start.

Anthony Marr

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