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Vancouver Sun LTE on BC's new carbon tax

It is not everyday that I feel proud to be a Canadian or British Columbian, but I can think of two exceptional occasions in which I was, and still am.

The first occasion was when, last summer, Cloverdale, BC (a Vancouver suburb), banned calf-roping from rodeo. A main strand was cut in the rodeo web. Best of all, for BC, it was a continental first, and I still don't know if other places have followed suit (in saying so, I have inadvertently placed BC in a leadership position).

The second occasion was yesterday, when the BC government declared a carbon tax as part of its anti-global-warming package - a huge move in the right direction, and another continental first, if not a world first. Some consider global warming not an animal advocacy issue. I beg to strongly differ. It is significantly caused by animal agriculture, and may turn the Amazon to desert, dooming all 5 million species there, and further over three-quarters of all species worldwide, all by 2100. Economically, the carbon tax will impose heavy costs on animal agriculture, including animal transportation and meat distribution.

This morning, the Vancouver Sun published my letter-to-the-editor (almost verbatim as follows), amongst about 15, most of which being against the carbon tax.

[If we value our children’s future, we need to tighten our belts - today.

[Those still doubting global warming are living in the Jurassic. The Earth has undergone 5 mass extinctions, all but the one due to climate change. The third, the End-Permian 251 million years ago, eliminated over 85% of all species. We are now deep in the sixth.

[2007 was a pivotal year in global warming. The Arctic underwent an unprecedented melting twice as fast as the worst-case scenario ever advanced. Most dangerous is the permafrost meltdown, which will release billions of tons of methane into the atmosphere, driving global warming into runaway global heating.

[In 2004, scientist warned that a massive drought would hit the Amazon, and were jeered as “alarmists”. Came 2005, a devastating drought did occur, then again in 2006, and in 2007, causing many sub-ecosystems to collapse. It is now predicted that the Amazon Rainforest will become the Amazon Desert by 2050, exterminating almost all its 5 million species.

[BC’ move sets it lightyears apart from, and ahead of, Alberta , which is intent on digging up the tar sands until the Earth is fried, all for another generation of Hummers.]

See: http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/letters/story.html?id=c971918d-cbf5-4fd5-9878-5b937948a1ec 

Anthony Marr, founder Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) www.HOPE-CARE.org  www.MySpace.com/AnthonyMarr  www.ARConference.org 

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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