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Time Capsule 2060 - an invitation to submit items for inclusion

Heal Our Planet Earth
Time Capsule 2060

We want our future generations to know the TRUTH!

An invitation to submit items for inclusion

Next to a time machine, a time capsule is our best way to communicate directly with our future generations, if any.

We want to contact our children’s children, if any, at a time when they are alive, and let them know THE TRUTH about what is happening today, which will have led to their predictably dire predicament. We want to let them know how we who truly love them are fighting on their behalf and struggling to leave them a beautiful, compassionate and healthy planet, and how the politicians of many governments, the CEOs of many corporations, and the unconscionable investors of many walks of life, are knowingly and intentionally sacrificing their own children’s future to their present personal sociopathic greed.

That our future generations’ predicament will be dire is without question, be it fifty years from now or five hundred years from now. The question is: How dire?

Originally, we were considering Time Capsule 2100, but we decided to move the date forward by 40 years, since by century’s end there may not be too many humans left to open it, and those very few who might open it may not be literate enough to understand what they will find within.

Why possibly illiterate? There is a saying: “WW3 will be fought with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” In the climate change context, we are talking about something potentially even more devastating than all the weapons added together, and more inevitable. It is called Methane Clathrate or Methane Hydrate – the most dangerous substance on Earth today – which is currently stored in solid form by the hundreds of billions of tons in and under the Arctic and sub-Arctic permafrost (est. 400 gigatons, where 1 gigaton = 1 billion tons) as well as on continental shelves all over the world (est. over 10,000 gigatons), whereas today’s carbon content in the atmosphere is about 700 gigatons. When melted, the clathrate will release free methane gas into the atmosphere, which as a greenhouse gas is 20-75 times more potent than carbon dioxide. And the permafrost is melting, and the ocean is warming, and methane is being released as we speak (see www.HOPE-CARE.org,  Global Warming section, Arctic subsection). Methane release raises the global temperature even higher, which releases even more methane, which raises the temperature even higher, which releases even more methane... Such a positive feedback loop could easily spiral into unstoppable runaway global heating, which could raise the global temperature by well over a dozen degrees Celsius or 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while a raise of 6oC/10oF could doom over 80% of all species on Earth to extinction, including our own. Regardless of whether it is a nuclear holocaust or runaway-global-heating, the result will be the same – sticks and stones, in a background of droughts, famine, insect infestation, disease, and ever increasing heat.

Therefore, instead of Time Capsule 2100, we have made it Time Capsule 2060. A child born today will be 52 in 2060. Such a person will be able to read our messages conveyed in the time capsule.

There will be more than one time capsule. For 2008, HOPE plans one time capsule per Canadian province and U.S. state. Starting July 1, HOPE founder Anthony Marr (www.HOPE-CARE.org,   www.myspace.com/AnthonyMarr) will take the campaign on the road for 4 months, covering 6 provinces and 22 states.

The first time-capsule will be for Alberta, Canada. Alberta is the perfect place to start for the tour. It is the site of the most hideous Mother-Earth-raping operation in the world – the infamous and incredibly polluting Alberta Tar Sands (see www.HOPE-CARE.org , Global Warming section, Fossil Fuels subsection). If the tar sands were developed as planned, i.e. at an increasing rate from now until at least 2050, and the resulting fuel burned, plus the billions of cubic feet of natural gas burned in the extraction process every day, it could add another several hundred gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere within decades, which will certainly warm the Earth steeply, and could easily trigger massive methane release resulting in runaway global heating. The tar sands must be closed down within three years. It is nonnegotiable; it is a matter of survival. The gigabucks currently being poured into the tar sands should be directed towards R&D for clean and renewable energies – solar, wind, geothermal, wave and tidal. Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, on the other hand, not only advocates but actively promotes and oversees mining the tar sands at maximum speed, aiming for a tripling by 2012, all for the “quality of life of Albertans”. That would be the final nail in the global warming coffin, and Stelmach knows it. This would doom millions of children as well as species in the future, and he knows it too. His charging ahead with the tar sands is an act of mass murder of the human progeny as well as Earth’s biodiversity. His is the crime of “progenocide”, as HOPE officer Taina Ketola puts it, as well as “biocide”. On this score alone, he more than deserves the title of the Criminal of the Century. Our future generations, if any, have the right to know about Ed Stelmach.

This time capsule will contain, among other items, a brass plague engraved with exactly that: “Ed Stelmach – Criminal-of-the-Century against Nature and Humanity”. His non-entity of an “environment” minister will also receive a dishonorable mention, as will the Big Oil CEOs directly involved in the Tar Sands. Other items will include selected materials from HOPE as well as other organizations, as well as a collection of quotations from various key activists of the movement, especially from the activists of Alberta. They will tell the story of the tar sands, and they shall be honored as the front-line fighters.

In early July, HOPE will hold a media conference in Edmonton, Alberta. The time capsule and its contents will be displayed on a long table for TV documentation. The brass plaque will be given special attention. The media conference will conclude with the sealing of the time capsule – with a blow torch.

On camera we will offer Premier Stelmach a chance to redeem himself. If he shuts down the tar sands within 3 years, we will exhume the time capsule and destroy the plaque. If not, we will throw away the key. How his name will go down in history will be entirely up to him.

The time capsules of different provinces and states will be similar to the Alberta time capsule in general, but different in specifics in terms of the politicians and CEOs to be dishonored, or honored as the case may be, as well as different materials submitted by the groups and activists of that province or state. HOPE will defer to the local groups and activists to name their own heroes and villains, and have their names engraved on that state’s or province’s own brass plaque.

The time capsules will be buried together at a secret location, or separately at a number of secret locations. The GPS coordinate(s) will be known to no more than three unidentified persons at any given time. The capsules will be unearthed and opened to the world on New Year’s Eve, 2059 AD.

The invitation

  • Any activist or group of any state or province is welcome to submit material for consideration for inclusion in the time capsule, as long as the material has an ecological and/or animal rights theme, which means, for example, that anti-hunting and anti-factory-farming material can be included.
  • A time capsule has to be strong, airtight, waterproof, insulated and undegradable. The ideal container is a family-sized plastic cooler (note: COOLer). So, please keep the size in mind.
    Since the people who will be opening the capsule may have lost high tech capability, the capsule should include both high tech (e.g. DVD-w-player-w-solar-panel) and low tech (printed material and engravings). For printed material, please make sure that the paper used is PH-neutral for longevity.
  • There will be a collection of quotations from activists, on DVD and on paper, so statements and letters are invited for inclusion. Letters should address our children’s children directly and should be succinct.
  • Electronic copies of the quotations will be submitted to media at the time of the media conferences. They will also be kept in HOPE’s central computer archive for present publication and for subsequent additions.

Any activist or AR/GW group interested in submitting items and/or quotations for inclusion in a time capsule please contact:

Anthony Marr, founder and president
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)
[email protected] , [email protected][email protected]
1-604-222-1169 (till July 1)


Taina Ketola, project coordinator
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)
[email protected] 

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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