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Time Capsule 2060 - Nominate your own Heroes and Villains

Heal Our Planet Earth
Time Capsule 2060

Dear Animal Rights and Environmental Activists:

This is an invitation for you to nominate your own Top-5 21st-Century Criminals-against-Nature-and-Humanity for the AR/GW Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060 (see article below), to outline their crime(s), and speak out for the victims who cannot speak for themselves.

Other than the obvious futuristic perspective, this will serve as a warning to contemporary leaders to act ethically, conscientiously, responsibly and altruistically, at risk of being condemned for all time, since more time-capsules can be launched at a moment's notice with new names engraved in the brass plaques within, accompanied by outlines of their new crimes.

This is also an invitation for you to nominate you own Top-5 21st-Century Activists-of-Conscience-and-Compassion. One of the best things we can do for future generations is to set an example for them with our own actions today.

For North America , there will be one time-capsule for every American state and Canadian province. Each will be launched into the future in its own time, though all will be opened on New Year's Eve 2059 AD. The first one will be launched from Alberta, Canada , in early July 2008, in which Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach will be guaranteed a top position amongst the villains. The one to be launched from Ontario will certainly include the name of Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn, as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper on whose desk the bucks (of both the tar sands and the seal massacre) should stop. And if it could contain premiers, ministers and prime ministers, why not governors, senators and presidents? And let's not forget the infamous and despised wildlife exterminator Anthony DeNicola who no doubt will top many lists in many states.

All time-capsules will contain universal as well as local material. One universal item will be a brass plaque on which the names of the Top-100 21st-Century Criminals-against-Nature-and-Humanity will be engraved on one side, and the names of the Top-100 21st-Century Activists-of-Conscience-and-Compassion on the other.

These Top 100 heroes and villains will be selected according to the cumulative totals of the nominations on each received by HOPE by the time a certain Time Capsule is launched. As the nominations stream in, the names may change from plaque to plaque, but the more nominations in total, the more statistically representative of the entire Animal Rights and Environmental movements the lists will be. Where nominating politicians are concerned, partisanship should be avoided, and issues should be the main determining criteria.

If you wish to vent your anger/frustration/disapproval constructively, and make these criminals face the ultimate justice of going down stinking in history, this is it!

If you wish your nominations to be counted for the first Time-Capsule-2060, please email them to the following three email addresses at your earliest convenience:

[email protected], [email protected] [email protected] 

Note: When you vote in a political election, you vote for the next 4 years at most. This Time-Capsule-2060 nomination vote will be good for the next half-century at least.


Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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