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$120 billion/annum Global Green Fund for saving life on Earth

To all who care about the future of our children and the integrity of our planet Earth:

Please sign the following letter to the UN Secretary General, add your comment for a personal touch, and return to Anthony Marr at [email protected] for processing and concerted presentation.

Then please forward the original far and wide. We need millions of people from dozens of countries to sign this letter.

You will find the letter self-explanatory:


From: Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE – www.HOPE-CARE.org) To Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,

On April 9, 2008, the Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts and Islands was featured in a newspaper article titled “Oceans warming 4 times faster than predicted”, which concluded with: “More money must be spent on protecting international waters,” and we would add, “the atmosphere, the Arctic and Antarctic, the Amazon rainforest, the Boreal forest, African wildlife, biodiversity, in fact, the entire biosphere itself”.

World experts have determined that a Global Green Fund for healing our planet Earth of $120 billion per annum is the bare bone minimum.

Almost shockingly, in this hour of critical planetary need, such a Global Green Fund DOES NOT EXIST. In contrast, the Global Military Expenditure towers $1.2 trillion per annum, and to what good end? A mere 10% of it would make the $120 billion Global Green Fund.

As a nature-revering, peace-loving and deeply concerned planetary citizen, in view of the current global environmental crisis in climate change, habitat destruction and species extermination, I am writing to participate with other planetary citizens worldwide in presenting the following proposal:

As overseen by the United Nations, all member nations shall contribute ten percent (10%) of their military budgets, totaling $120 billion per annum approximately, to a U.N.-administered Global Green Fund dedicated to solving the environmental problems of the planet Earth.

Nations may contribute by means of environmental work performed by their military forces (e.g. by using the army for anti-poaching and habitat protection, and the navy for enforcing international laws on the high seas) in lieu of financial contributions.

By this method, there will be no relative loss of military strength for any nation, the world will be 10% safer, and Planet Earth will be 100% greener, and our children's future will be infinitely brighter.

Where the United Nations is concerned, it will finally have a real budget with the real means to heal our planet Earth.

Thank you for your attention.


(Mailing Address)

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To be respectful to the UN Secretary General, HOPE will present your letters and comments in hard-copy paper form. Anthony Marr will be in New York some time in August-October, and will personally submit all the printed letters and comments to the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon via a media conference at or near the UN Plaza.


Thank you.

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

Comments on Letter

A big THANK YOU to those who wrote the following and other comments to HOPE's Letter to the U.N. Secretary General in regards to establishing a $120 billion per annum Global Green Fund (see the letter above these comments):

Dominika K., Alberta, Canada: "How can action on such an important and urgent issue not be taken? The planet is dying, and each year is just gets worse and worse. Why not do something now before such damage is done and expenses really get high. Humans have been destroying the planet with their actions, how much destruction has to be done before people realize that a solution is needed, that change needs to happen. If even one area is damaged it will affect the rest of the world. This affects the environment, all the creatures and humans together. We are all linked, but we have the power to improve the health of the planet. The greed needs to stop because in the end you will end up with nothing but regret."

Janice B., New Jersey, USA: "Please heed the warnings of the scientists, environmentalists and ordinary citizens who see that our world is eroding before our very eyes! This small amount, just 10% of military budgets, would be a significant start to protecting the planet and its inhabitants. Thank you."

P. Casey, Queensland, Australia: "Available with this could be a red scheme for countries to rebuild and repair taking populations and unemployment benefits into consideration constructively for replanting and regeneration of natural forests and plantation timbers right down to aesthetic landscapes. Rebuilding earths resources and barriers against climate changes and pollution and helping to protect against the monopolizing of dissapearing world resources causing frictions and breakdowns of countries relationships. Regulating for sustainability and emergency release of resources. It could counter many of the failings of the free markets locally and globally. One day, world wide, family size will have to be regulated. Why not leave them to clean air, brilliant surroundings ,good health and a future beyond the present scope we face. Peace to you."

Allison L., Colorado, USA: "I would like to see all governments redirect military allowances to combating global warming, since in the end, when global warming gets out of hand and we all die, wars and the army will not matter anymore."

Nathalya W., Quebec, Canada: "As a mother of three children, I am very concern about the future of my children. It is our responsibility. Please, for our children's future."

Rebecca M., Oregon, USA: "I strongly believe that if we don’t STOP what we are doing today, the Earth is going to start dying right in front of our eyes and by then, there will be nothing we can do to save her. We are the most wasteful race of people and need to start a plan of action to protect our home. Right now there is no plan of action. / If we can take a small amount of money right now to save our future, why aren’t we doing it? How long are we willing to wait before we take action? / I fear that if we don’t put this plan into action now, all the money in the world won’t restore our forests, oceans, lands, and one by one the endangered species will disappear and the others will soon follow. / Please help me, help our Earth survive in the years to come…."

Bruce R., Switzerland: "This is the most sensible suggestion to stop the human race from vanishing that I have yet heard. Who has the guts to make it happen? Bravo, Anthony Marr!"

Jane G., Ontario, Canada: "We owe it to future generations to protect the planet and the habitats that are part of the world's environment. The Global Green Fund would provide the means for a concerted effort by member nations to achieve a future endeavor that could be built on."

Carmen G., Maryland, USA: "We all know the saying..."We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children". Let us return the planet to them with pride and sense of accomplishment, so they too will be able to carry on our mission! We have no alternative. We have no choice. Please help us make this daring wish a reality!"

Candace C., Hong Kong: "Spending money saving our planet makes more sense than spending money killing each other! The armed forces could become a huge vehicle for change on our planet. Please give this idea some serious consideration. Thank you!"

Erwin S., Hong Kong: "We love our Earth!"

Taina K., British Columbia, Canada: "This is the most important thing we can do – without the Earth we have absolutely nothing at all. Please earmark the majority of the funds to solving the global warming crisis."

Please keep the endorsements and comments coming. We need thousands of them from dozens of countries.


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