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Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) launches Global Emergency Operation (GEO)

The most repeated phrase in the titles of newspaper articles as of about 2004 is “FASTER THAN SCIENTISTS EXPECTED”. This refers to global warming in general, and specifically about the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic ice melt, the thawing of the methane-laden sub-Arctic permafrost, the deforestation and desertification of the Amazon and other tropical rainforests, the rise in oceanic temperature and acidity, the ever-increasing emission of greenhouse gasses, ozone depletion, mass extinction of species…

Of greatest concern and deserving its own paragraph is the potential runaway global heating due to positive-feedback methane release. Since the methane-laden permafrost is already melting, this dreadful scenario has already begun to unfold. Unless it is stopped now while things might still be at least partly within our control, this global over-heating could spiral uncontrollably into global baking, referring to a possibly global temperature rise of over 12oC/20oF – way past the 6oC/10oF threshold of an 85% mass extinction. We talking about the potential of 99.99% mass extinction of life on Earth if this happens. After all is said and done, life on Earth could have fallen back to Square-One, literally, since the 0.01% possible survival refers perhaps to the bacteria living near submarine volcanic vents where life could have begun 3 billion years ago.

In view of this potential and indeed already unfolding calamity, HOPE has launched its new Global Emergency Operation which comprises four projects:

  1. The Global Green Fund
  2. The Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060
  3. The Shut-Down-the-Alberta-Tar-Sands Campaign
  4. The Compassion for Animals Road Expedition #6 (CARE-6)


1. The Global Green Fund

HOPE has set up a million-signature online petition on www.ThePetitionSite.com (April 17, 2008) titled "To the UN Secretary General for establishing a $120-billion/yr Global Green Fund from 10% of the $1.2 trillion global military budget, for saving life on Earth from global overheating".

This Global Green Fund will mainly finance environmental projects which would not be commercially feasible, and therefore would not be touched by for-profit enterprises, such as developing a global carbon sequestration system (CSS) for reducing the carbon content in the atmosphere and ocean, or establishing a gene bank for those species expected to go extinct in short order, such as the polar bear, most African life, major Amazonian species, and all corals and cetaceans, among almost everything else.

Before moving on to point 2, please first take a minute to sign the petition and leave a comment at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/to-un-secretary-general-for-creating-the-

Then please distribute the petition link far and wide. We need the whole world to work together on this one.

2. The Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060

In 100 years’ time, even 50 years, the world will be a very different place than the one we inhabit today, in most respects worse, if not in all respects, much, much worse. To say the least, but still gut wrenchingly, the beauty of our planet will have been much diminished. The elephants, the tigers, the bears, the rhinos, the dolphins, the whales, the eagles… may have joined the ranks of the dinosaurs, because they may have been hunted and/or poached out, and/or their habitats may have been destroyed by direct deforestation and/or indirectly by global warming. One way or another, these tragedies are mostly if not all of human cause - of those humans who are alive today.

Today is the critical time of humanity. What we do today, both good and evil, will have huge consequences in the decades and centuries to come. Of all humans alive today, there are heroes and villains. Sea Shepherd disrupting the villainous Japanese whaling in the Antarctic is a heroic deed, whereas the American government striking a deal with Brazil to cut down the Amazon rainforest for soy plantations to provide cattle with feed, and to provide Americans with both soy-derived ethanol and soy-fed beef, is very evil indeed.

Next to a time machine, a time capsule is the best way to directly communicate with our future generations. We want them to know the TRUTH, the truth of the good-and-evil of our generation.

And let contemporary criminals-against-nature-and-humanity beware, that their names could be spat upon in future history, if they don’t change their way today.

All activists and organizations are invited to contribute material to the time capsule(s), and to nominate their own heroes and villains for posterity.

3. The Shut-Down-the-Alberta-Tar-Sands Campaign

The Canadians developing the Alberta Tar Sands, with full knowledge of its grave environmental consequences and progenocidal impact on future generations, is probably the single most evil deed in the world today. If it is developed according to plan (expanding till at least 2050), it will without a doubt trigger the dreaded methane-based runaway global heating, which will spiral into global baking. This will mean the end not only of civilization, but of life itself.

Whichever Canadian politicians using the tar sands to make a fat and fast buck, or for the “quality of life of Albertans” as Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach so provincially put it, can be justly dubbed the Criminals-Against-Nature-and-Humanity-of-the-21st-Century, and will be so dubbed on a brass plaque in the Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060.

HOPE is committed to shutting down the Alberta tar sands within 3 years, by whatever means necessary. It is a matter of survival for millions of species, including our own. These means may include environmental assessments, class lawsuits and external international economic pressure against Canada, among others.

4. The Compassion for Animals Road Expedition #6 (CARE-6)

Since 2003, HOPE founder Anthony Marr has conducted five Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-1 through CARE-5), spanning 25-42 states/provinces in 3-7 months each. On July 1, 2008, he will take the above three projects on the road, by launching his CARE-6, which will cover 6 Canadian provinces and 22 American states, as follows:

AB - 07-01 --> 07-06
MT - 07-07 --> 07-10
SD/ND - 07-11 --> 07-12
MN - 07-13 --> 07-16
WI - 07-17 --> 07-21
IL - 07-22 --> 07-25
IN - 07-26 --> 07-29
MI - 07-30 --> 08-02
OH - 08-03 --> 08-08
WV - 08-09 --> 08-12
VA - 08-13 --> 08-19
MD/DC/PA/DE/NJ/NY/CT/RI/MA/NH/VT/ME - 08-20 --> 10-15
QC - 10-16 --> 10-18
ON - 10-19 --> 10-22
MB - 10-23 --> 10-24
SK - 10-25 --> 10-26
AB - 10-27 --> 10-30
BC - 10-31 -->

When Anthony arrives in a state, he will be engaged in one or more of the following activities:

  1. Give a PowerPoint presentation sponsored and arranged by a local group
  2. Do a joint media event with a local group to launch the Time-Capsule-of-HOPE-2060 of that state, and to bring to public attention the local aspects of global warming, including, e.g. factory farms and habitat destruction
  3. Assist local groups with their own campaigns and bring them to national attention
  4. Meet with local groups on joining HOPE’s Global Emergency Operation (GEO) which will involve hundreds of groups in dozens of countries worldwide, one of whose objectives being the establishment of a $120 billion/year Global Green Fund.

And he will need:

  1. Local accommodation (usually at activists’ homes; if not, inexpensive motels) and local guidance
  2. Delicious and nutritious vegan food
  3. Donations to cover at least fuel cost to reach the next destination (as with the other CARE-tours, Anthony will leave home with a personal credit card in his pocket, one tank of gas in his car, and that’s it).
  4. Just basically a warm welcome.

If you wish to contribute material to the Time Capsule, or if you wish to join the war against the Alberta tar sands, even if you just want to treat Anthony Marr to a cup of coffee (or a delicious vegan dinner!), or just know someone in one of these states who might be interested, and of course if you wish to host an Anthony Marr event, please contact:

Anthony Marr, founder, president and campaigner
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)
[email protected]


Taina Ketola, project manager
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)
Global Emergency Operation (GEO)
[email protected]

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE)

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